A Book for Chinese New Year: The Year of the Horse

January 16, 2014

The Year of the HorseChinese New Year takes place this year on January 31, and one way you can get ready for the Year of the Horse is by reading Oliver Chin's Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series, The Year of the Horse (Immedium, 2014). This is the ninth book in this series by Chin, a local San Francisco writer and dad, and tells the story of the young horse Hannah, a boy named Tom, and a brave journey they undertake.

Look for cameo appearances by other animals from the Chinese Zodiac along the way!

The Year of the Horse tells a charming story and introduces kids to Chinese culture and art. It also offers message about friendship, bravery, and accomplishment. The illustrations, again by illustrator and cartoon character designer Jennifer Wood (who's done work for Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network), are delightful and infuse The Year of the Horse with a lot of appeal and charm. Both my children love the book and keep reading it over and over again.

The Year of the Horse is a great storytime choice for Chinese New Year, or any time at all, for that matter, and it's sure to become one of your favorite Chinese New Year books. Other books in Chin's Chinese zodiac series include The Year of the Snake (2013), The Year of the Dragon (2012), The Year of the Rabbit (2011), The Year of the Tiger (2010), The Year of the Ox (2009), The Year of the Rat  (2008), The Year of the Pig  (2007), and The Year of the Dog (2006).

Find The Year of the Horse and the other books from Oliver Chin's Chinese zodiac series at your local library, bookstore, or Amazon.com. Oliver Chin will be presenting a Year of the Horse storytime at the Presidio branch of the San Francisco Public Library (3150 Sacramento Street, between Lyon and Baker Streets) on Saturday, January 18, from 11 am to noon.