Children's Book Review: Meet Bear

March 19, 2013

Thank You BearMarin Mommies presents another guest article by Marin children's librarian Lisa Katz, who takes a look at the Bear series of books by author and illustrator Greg Foley.

Greg Foley, a creative author and illustrator, has created a set of books about a little bear. In these four books, the author’s theme for his stories is about the importance of friendship. Since I’m a librarian, I don’t buy a lot of books. I check them out and read them over and over again. But if ever there were books to purchase, these would be the ones to have on your child’s bookshelf—all four of them in fact. This way they can be read over and over again.

Who is Greg Foley? He is a young guy who grew up in Austin Texas. He comes from a family of educators and is also one himself. His first picture book, Thank you Bear, won the prestigious Charlotte Zolotow Award for outstanding writing in a picture book. His background is art and his illustrations are done in line art, which are digitally rendered from pencil sketches. While they are so simple and there isn’t a lot on each page, they are very sweet and really tell the story.

Thank you Bear (Published in 2007)
Thank you Bear was Greg’s first book introducing the character bear. Bear is a sweet little simple fellow. He finds a small box that he thinks will be perfect for his friend mouse. Unfortunately he gets a lot of criticism from his other friends about the box not being that great. It’s a box. But once mouse sees the box, he loves it. In this story we learn about the importance of true friendship.

Don’t Worry Bear (Published in 2008)
In his next story bear befriends a caterpillar that is busy making her cocoon. Bear doesn’t understand the importance of the cocoon and worries about the caterpillar because he can’t see her while she is inside of the cocoon. She tells him not to worry, that he will see her again soon. But he just doesn’t understand. Will he ever see his friend the caterpillar again? Once again, the author has created another simple but lovely story about friendship.

Don't Worry BearMake a Wish Bear

Good Luck Bear (Published in 2009)
In Foley’s third story, Good Luck Bear, we learn about luck. Bear is trying to find a four-leaf clover because he knows that will bring him luck. But none of his friends are willing to help him look for it, except of course mouse. Who in the end finds something even better than the four-leaf clover? You will have to read the story to see.

Make a Wish Bear (Published in 2012)
In Foley’s last installment of Bear, the importance of friendship is stressed yet again. Bear makes a wish upon a star and waits for his wish to come true. Try to guess what that wish might be. It has to do with all of his friends.

Truly these stories are just fabulous, and I’m eagerly awaiting more bear books from this talented author and illustrator, Greg Foley.

If you want to know more about him check out his website at:

Personally I can’t wait to see what Greg Foley creates next…