Children's Book Review: Noah Webster and His Words

January 8, 2013

Noah Webster and His WordsMarin Mommies presents a guest book review by Marin children's librarian Lisa Katz.

Have you ever wondered about the man behind the dictionary? Who was Noah Webster? Check out Noah Webster and His Words, by Jeri Chase Ferris and illustrated by Vincent X. Kirsch, a wonderful picture book on one of the most famous scholars of all time. Did you also know that Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language became the second most popular book ever printed?

Meet Noah. Noah was born in 1758 on a farm in West Hartford, Connecticut. He lived in a family with a history of farming. But he didn’t want to be a farmer like his father, his grandfather and his great-grandfather. Noah wanted to do something different. He wanted to be a scholar. He was the first in his family to attend college at Yale University.

Author Jeri Ferris has created a wonderful biography on one of the most important books ever printed. Ferris has written this story in a creative manner with many words and definitions sprinkled throughout the story. Illustrated by Vincent Kirsch, the pictures are done in ink with watercolor and graphite.

A must read for every young scholar. A brilliant illustrated chronology of Webster’s life. Recommended for Ages 4 and up.

Lisa Katz is a children’s librarian. Check out her blog at and her Hooked on Books Facebook page with daily reviews.