Education Meets Childcare with JumpStart! Nanny and Tutor Placement

August 22, 2012

Lauren and Leslie MuellerMarin Mommies interviewed Lauren Mueller of JumpStart!, the Marin-based nanny and tutor network, to find out more about their approach to childcare and education. Lauren is a Marin County native with over 15 years of experience in childcare and academics. JumpStart! understands the values and priorities associated with finding an exceptional caregiver or educator.

Having grown up with a nanny, Lauren personally understands the importance of finding the right childcare provider. Partnering with her Marin mom, Leslie, both bring to JumpStart! in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the requisite qualities needed to cultivate an environment which fosters both children’s well-being as well as parents’ satisfaction. Extensive screening is the backbone in the selection of dedicated individuals who are an across-the-board match with JumpStart’s mission and ideals.

Please tell us a little about you and your business. How did you get started?

My passion is kids. As a young girl, I used to plead with my parents to have another child so that I could be a “big sister”. Though that never occurred, I at first looked to babysitting as a way to nurture, educate, and play with children. Beginning at age 12, I have always taken the role of being a childcare provider very seriously. I have consistently aimed to act as a guide, friend, mentor, and role model for the children I have taken care of first as a sitter, and later as a full-time nanny. Growing out of my own passion for children and teaching there evolved the idea to help other families and childcare providers or tutors connect. Teaming up with my mom who has years of business experience as well as personal understanding of being a busy working mom, we bring a dynamic energy to the company.  Our combined experience allows us to have insight into both the nanny and family aspects of the business. It gives us real satisfaction to find great matches between families and in-home care professionals!

Tell us about your services. How do you bring childcare and academics together?

JumpStart! Is the first organization in the Bay Area to bridge the gap between childcare and education. My own experience was to have tutoring and a nanny at home. I believe in the benefits of a calm, gentle, familiar environment to best develop a sense of security and happiness as well as to build strong learning skills, so I wanted to offer both of these services.

JumpStart’s primary goal is to play a consistently strong role in providing excellent professionals for both nanny and tutoring services for children. We believe that caretakers and tutors play foundational roles in the emotional well-being of kids. We all know that it’s vitally important to choose well the ones who take key roles in creating positive, healthy and happy environments for our children. Making the right choice is where JumpStart comes in.”

What kind of screening process do your nannies, tutors, and babysitters go through?

JumpStart! nanny candidates most possess, above all, a leading trait of a genuine love of children as well as a strong dedication to providing exceptional childcare services.  We look for active, creative nannies who can provide a fun and playful atmosphere for babies and children.  A positive and caring nature as well as a responsible, mature character and strong work ethic are bare essentials in the JumpStart! screening process. We seek a minimum of three years experience matched by excellent references. Depending on specific job duties required, the rigorous criteria we screen for expands from there.

A number of our Educational Childcare Providers have teaching experience, ECE units as well as degrees in Education and Early Childhood Development. If you are looking for a tutor to provide a stimulating learning environment at home, talk to us.

We are ready to go to work for you to find a tutor with the special characteristics and experience you are looking to find.

What's your best tip for parents looking for the perfect childcare professional?

Talk to JumpStart first. We’re here in Marin, and every assignment we get is very important to us. Our screening process is in-depth and comprehensive. We have an extensive database of professionals who have come to us and a well-developed sense of where to find the right fit for every family.

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