A New Form of Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness In Marin

February 6, 2017

LUNA Pre & Postnatal Fitness + Wellness Center

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from LUNA Pre & Postnatal Fitness + Wellness Center now open in Larkspur.

Are you looking for a new kind of pregnancy fitness method to keep you strong, empowered, and prepared for labor? LUNA Pre & Postnatal Fitness + Wellness Center, located in beautiful Larkspur, is bringing you just that and more! LUNA is a highly specialized pregnancy and postpartum fitness method and holistic wellness center located on Magnolia Avenue, offering personal training using The Bloom Method's™ exclusive, unique, and innovative pregnancy and postpartum fitness techniques, pre and postnatal group fitness classes, holistic functional nutrition to support women while trying to conceive, throughout their pregnancy, and post-birth, and diastasis recti prevention and rehabilitation. LUNA also offers a variety of workshops including HypnoBirthing®, childbirth education classes, breastfeeding education, newborn care classes, Happiest Baby on the Block Workshops, and more.

Through their innovative approach to holistic birth preparation, LUNA strives to provide you with a sense of empowerment, strength, and confidence by giving you the tools to experience a more comfortable pregnancy, easier labor, and a healthier baby. Through their innovative personal training sessions you will learn how to safely and effectively exercise during every stage of pregnancy, build strength and stamina, and stay connected to your changing body all while preparing you for childbirth and the demands of motherhood. LUNA will give you the tools and knowledge to gain a deep understanding of how to connect to your core throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

LUNA Pre & Postnatal Fitness + Wellness Center LUNA Pre & Postnatal Fitness + Wellness Center

LUNA's group fitness classes are an exclusive approach to pregnancy and postpartum exercise, providing expecting and postnatal women with a safe yet sweaty, 40 minute workout helping them to stay fit during pregnancy, train for labor, and heal safely postpartum. Each class is a blend of innovative core techniques, cardio, and strength training exercises. These classes offer a great workout for both pregnant and postpartum mamas, while also providing you with the valuable education and tools needed to maintain a healthy, safe pregnancy during any form of exercise and movement you enjoy doing.

LUNA was founded by Sarah Bradford, a Marin mama, Certified Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Diastasis Recti and Core Rehabilitation Specialist, Bloom Method Expert, Functional Nutrition Counselor, and HypnoBirthing Instructor®. Sarah wanted to find a way to bring a new form of unique, innovative pregnancy and postpartum fitness to her community, as well as create a safe and comfortable space for women to come together and have fun, build strength, learn, gain support, and share in their journeys with one another. At LUNA, they are truly passionate and dedicated to helping other mamas feel strong, empowered, and educated in their pregnancies, births, and beyond.

LUNA Pre & Postnatal Fitness + Wellness Center LUNA Pre & Postnatal Fitness + Wellness Center

LUNA Pre & Postnatal Fitness + Wellness Center  is located at 1165 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur. For more info, call (415) 724-8181 or visit their website at www.lunacentermarin.com.


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