Preschool Profile: Hamilton Preschool Programs in Novato

August 14, 2013

Novato State Preschool ProgramThe Hamilton preschool programs are run by Novato Parks and Recreation and include Pre-K (ages 4–5), Tiny Tots (ages 3–4), and Teeny Tots (ages 2–3). Programs take place at the Hamilton Community Center. They offer a healthy balance of play and academics to stimulate social, emotional, and educational growth.

There will be an open house this weekend, August 17 from 10-11:30 am.

The Hamilton programs are taught by two California credentialed teachers who have preschool and elementary school experience, and are knowledgeable in Novato Unified School District curriculum and standards and will offer necessary preparation for Kindergarten as well as important social skill building. We asked the staff to tell us more about the school and its programs and why it might be a great choice for your child.

Please describe your school’s educational philosophy. What’s it all about?

We are a quality program that focuses on social, emotional, and academic development. We provide a safe, loving, warm environment for children to play, learn, laugh, and grow. We believe children learn through their play as well as a small amount of direct instruction. We are credentialed teachers and moms that have worked in and have/had children in the Novato preschool and elementary school system and have taken that knowledge into our program so that they are well-rounded and prepared for Kindergarten. We have also been trained in the Positive Discipline philosophy. We have used it with our students and our own children and believe in it. We have encompassed all of these philosophies into an affordable, quality program located in the Hamilton Community Center and offered through the Novato Parks and Recreaction Department.

What does a typical day at your school look like?

The children arrive in the morning to a warm, calm environment with choice-play for the first 30 minutes in order to ease the transition into the school day. We then have Rug Time where we enjoy songs and stories from our monthly theme as well as some letter practice, number practice, calendar time and sharing. After that we have snack time along with potty time and washing hands. We then move to the project of the day related to the monthly theme. After, we head to the park for some outside time then back to the classroom for Pre-K academic practice and then sing goodbye on our rug.

Novato State PreschoolNovato State Preschool

What programs does your school offer?

We currently offer a Monday/Wednesday/Friday Pre-K/Tiny Tots program for 3 1/2–5 year olds. In the fall we will be adding a Tuesday/Thursday Teeny Tiny Tots for 2 1/2–3 1/2 and Tuesday Mommy & Me for 18 months–2 1/2. Please see the Novato Parks and Rec Guide for more information on these programs.

What is the process for admissions?

For any questions please call Leslie Robertson (415) 328-2684 and for registration visit or call (415) 899-8279 or visit the Novato Gymnastics Center.

What makes your school special?

I think what makes us special is our background and experience with kids as well as the wonderful space that Parks and Rec has created in order to offer a quality program that is more accessable to southern Novato residents. It's especially convenient if you live in Hamilton and would like a warm, nurturing program that you and your child can even walk to!



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