What Kind of Person Do You Want Your Child to Become?

January 9, 2018

Brandeis Marin

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored shout-out from Brandeis Marin.

At Brandeis Marin, we believe a heroic mind lives with heart and leads with courage, so what kind of person is a Brandeis Marin alum?

I'll be honest, I remember despising math in 3rd grade. I wasn't quick at multiplication, and division made me dizzy. But something about that place – Brandeis Marin – pushed me to keep trying, always. Teachers instilled in me the feeling that I could do whatever I strived to do. Could I solve that math problem? Well, I could try, and I always would. And math became my favorite subject...

I spent four years studying neurobiology at Harvard then went into business management consulting in Boston. Could I really transition from science to business? Well, I could try, and I did. Later, I planned a 6-month trek of the Pacific Crest Trail with my boyfriend (now husband). Could we really walk from Mexico to Canada carrying everything on our backs? Well, we could try, and we did. Brandeis Marin created a safe space for me to attempt the seemingly unachievable, which has stayed with me.

Emma, class of 2004

What kind of person do you want your child to become?
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