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Celebrate Your Child's Birthday with the Princesses of Marin's Once Upon a Song

Once upon a songNeed a princess for your child's next birthday party or other special event? Consider Marin's own Once-Upon-a-Song, a group of extraordinary young actors from Terra Linda High School who perform as favorite Disney characters for families all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Started by San Rafael drama student Eden Ferguson, Once-Upon-a-Song features beloved characters like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, a Handsome Prince, the Little Mermaid, and others. We asked Eden a few questions about her and her business.

For more information on Once-Upon-a-Song and to see a list of characters and available party packages, visit their website at You can also check out their Facebook page.

Who are you and what's you're background?

My name is Eden Ferguson and I am the owner and a performer at Once-Upon-a-Song. I'm 16 years old and I go to Terra Linda High School.

How did Once Upon a Song come about?

I started Once-Upon-a-Song 2 years ago. My dad was in line at the bank one day and there was a woman in front of him talking on the phone with her little girl who's birthday was that weekend. Her daughter wanted Snow White to come to her birthday party, but her mom told her that since the party was the next day, she didn't think

Snow White would be able to make it to her party. The little girl was upset and when the mom got off the phone my dad told her that he had overheard her problem and that I was an actress and had a Snow White costume (from the previous Halloween.) He gave her my number and said that if she gave me a call with the details that I would be ale to attend. Later that evening I got her phone call and was hired to go to the party.

Once upon a songOnce upon a song

When I got there the birthday girl was awe-struck. She was so happy that Snow White had come and she took my around every area of the party and introduced me to everyone. Her smile was lighting up her whole face and to see that I was able to bring that happiness to her warmed my heart. After I left and returned home, I thought about how I could turn this into something more. The fact that I was able to make a little girl so happy made me want to do the same for other kids. So I started looking into party performing and before I knew it I was on the road to starting up my own company.

What's your favorite thing about performing for families?

My favorite part about performing in Once-Upon-a-Song is the kids. Doing this job is so humbling, we're making a child's dream become reality. Kids look up so much to these characters, they grow up with them and sing their songs and read their stories, and the looks on their faces when they see those characters standing before them is truly remarkable. Getting into costume and interacting with children as my characters always makes me happy. They are so smart and notice everything and as they rattle off your character's entire life story to you, it reminds you how wonderful childhood is. As you listen to a little kid sing your song to you, or tell you they read your book every night, or warn you to steer clear of poison red apples, you can't help but smile.

Photos courtesy Once-Upon-a-Song

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