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Children's Cottage Co-op

2900 Larkspur Landing Circle
Larkspur, CA
(415) 461-0822

Ages: 2-5 years

Preschool hours: 9:00 am to 11:45 am
After care hours: 11:45 am - 4:00 pm *summer session available

Children's Cottage Co-op
2900 Larkspur Landing Circle
Larkspur, CA 94939



This preschool is mismanaged by parents and staff. There are so many better and safer options in Marin. Keep looking, you'll be glad you passed on this one.

Childrens Cottage preschool, a very safe and loving place!

The most WONDERFUL little preschool!! We had the fortune to be part of this little gem for 5 years with both our kids (now in Kindergarten and 2nd grade). They still remember it as "the fun school"!! Couldn't have been more happy with our choice to send them there. A place where kids can be kids, and develop and evolve while exploring and learning in a safe environment with the most amazing teachers. Can recommend this place to anyone who wants to be part of a cooperative preschool.

If you want to hear more, please contact me at:
Mia Swain
(415) 706.6184

Most unique and wonderful preschool

I've had 2 kids attend the Cottage Co-op over a period of 3 years. Loved it. We moved a year ago and I had to find a new preschool in my area. It's the best of the best for the area, and still doesn't hold a candle to the Cottage. At the Cottage my kids learned conflict resolution, to be risk-takers (physically, mentally, socially), to run and yell and get wet and muddy and build and paint and laugh. They also learned how to own their experience...ask their own questions, speak in front of a group, and generally be secure in who they are. After all this, the real gem for me was what I learned as a co-op parent. To see different parenting styles come together to help children learn, feel loved, and explore. The director taught me all the most useful tips, tricks, and skills I've needed with my preschoolers. I am heart-broken my youngest child won't get to have this amazing experience.

We Love The Cottage Coop!

Our family was incredibly blessed to be a part of the Cottage Coop community! It's truly a special place where kids are encouraged to explore, quench their curiosity, respect their intuition, nurture their imagination, follow thier hearts and mostly, to have fun! It's a place that celebrates the magic of childhood and reminds us all what is truly important in life.

For me, one of the greatest privileges of membership was soaking up the goodness and wisdom of teachers Pammi and Heidi. These women bring remarkable integrity, energy, passion and devotion to their complex roles as child advocate, teacher, parent coach and teacher trainer. Teacher Pammi arrives for school everyday a couple hours before the children to assemble a magical palate of activities and projects that allow the kids to play, learn, explore, push their boundaries and have hands on fun! Heidi leads the afternoon program extending the same philosophy and adding her entirely unique and fresh flair for fun. They demonstrate, and so teach, an amazing ability to navigate gracefully and firmly around the word “NO” while engendering in children the confidence for safely exploring the world on their own terms. They nurture in children and parents, a zest for learning and deep respect for children’s intelligence and innate abilities. They each share a special gift for seeing and respecting the essence of each child and celebrating individuality. As a parent, they helped me see, respect and more deeply understand my children's unique temperaments and talents. What a gift!!!

Though our girls have graduated to "big kid school" and are in kindergarden, 1st and 3rd grades, they remember the Cottage fondly and proudly wear their "I Love Pammi" t-shirts with great joy!

Wonderful preschool!!

We've had a wonderful experience at Cottage. It's a really sweet program where kids get to explore and play at their own pace. One of the things I love the most is that I learn so much from the wonderful teachers about how to handle toddler situations and behaviors. The teachers have such amazing energy and I can carry their energy with me after working my shift with them. Its really special to be involved in the program so that I know what my child is talking about when he comes home and tells me about his day, on days that I am not there. And there is such a great feeling of community, you really feel like your friends are looking out for your child when you aren't there.

More of a daycare feel

Cottage has more of a daycare feel than a preschool. On our visit, it was unorganized and the facility had a dated feel to it.

Great place for kids to learn life skills!

We love the Cottage for our twins! Having twins is great since they have a built in play-mate, but we wanted them to get some new life/social skills.

The Co-op model works for us since my husband is home with the kids during the week and can be the parent that goes in once a week with the kids. He loves it, they love having him there and it definitely made the transition easier on them when we first started when they were only 2.5 years old. Joining the Cottage means you are part of the membership. Each family gets a job for the Cottage (ours is doing the websites and social media, full disclosure!), and there are lots of community events and ways to pitch in.

The kids love going to school and it's a great community of people! If you are looking for a co-op or community of families, the Cottage is an excellent choice.

Fun, safe, creative, loving, playful!

We have been at the Cottage for 2.5 years now and have so many wonderful things to say about it! The students, the teachers, and the families have created such a fun, loving environment for our son's (and ours as parents) first school experience. The children lead the way using their thoughts and ideas to create the play environment...the teachers and parents are their to facilitate and encourage social skills, motor and language development, while ensuring all students are safe and having fun!! Whether it's making a dinosaur land with active volcanos on the playground or creating a stage for singing and dancing in the big room, there is always an opportunity for creativity. There's playdough and gak, there's legos and blocks, there's watercolors and chalk, there's obstacle courses and zip lining...whatever your child wants to do, they get that opportunity while at the Cottage! A co-op is not for everyone, as there is a greater time commitment than some other pre-school models, but if it works for you, I highly recommend you look into the Cottage!

A preschool and a second family

My son has come to the end of a magical 3 years at the Cottage and is ready to move onto Kindergarten a confident, fun loving and respectful soul, thanks to the time he had with Teachers Pammi & Heidi and the loving cottage community.

I wanted a loving environment for my child, a place where he could feel safe and reassured when I left him. Not only did I find that place at the Cottage, but I found a place where he would get to act like a preschooler with no unrealistic expectations or pressure. A place where he could play, feel empowered and be himself. Each day is full of new adventures and kids are always so happy. It's what I noticed when I first toured. Kids are given the tools they need to be respectful, friendly and strong confident people. I also learned so much from the teachers and from the parents.

Being far away from family, a community was important for my family and a co-op preschool is a great way to meet people. I made close friends, friends who also helped me out during tricky times. It really has felt like a second family to me.

This is a safe place for children. No question. The teachers and parents here are well trained in handling emergencies and make it a priority to identify any potentailly harmful situations. My son has a severe bee sting allergy and was recently stung at school. Teacher Pammi's swift and confident response saved his life. She was well trained and it really showed. I am forever grateful to her and all the parents working that day.

I look at the kids graduating this year and I am so proud of them all. They all get along so well. They are truly a great group of friends who love one another. I'm proud my child is part of this kind and creative class. It's all thanks to the amazing work Pammi and Heidi do. The Cottage kids are lucky to have had them.

Fantastic Preschool with Loving, Attentive Teachers

This little preschool is a magical place. I have made lifelong friends here and learned so much from the teachers on how to be a better mom. Not to mention, my kids have both flourished in this play-based environment. Check it out if you are at all curious. Cannot recommend highly enough.

We highly recommend the Children's Cottage!

We highly recommend the Children’s Cottage Cooperative to anyone looking for a safe and fun learning environment for their children. The teachers and parents at this play-based school teach vital social skills such as compassion and caring while also a pre-kindergarten curriculum that allows our daughter to explore and learn at her own pace. The community of this school – children and parents alike – is also a huge plus for our family!