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Seven Ways to Show Her You Love Her

Did you know last week was National Nanny Recognition week? How can you show your nanny your love and thanks? Diana Chiarabano, owner of Rent-a-Parent Personnel Services offers seven ideas for showing your nanny how much you care. Diana has been helping Marin families and nannies for 25 years. You can reach her at

We all do it… we get so busy with our daily lives that we often forget to reward and acknowledge those who mean the most to us.  If you have a truly loving, dependable, and wonderful nanny, then consider yourself very fortunate.  You can go to work, fulfill obligations, take care of personal and family needs; all the while knowing that your child benefits from being in your nanny’s care. Nannies are like anyone else-they like to feel appreciated. This is a good time of year to dust off the “things I’m thankful for” list and put your thoughts into action.  How about showing your nanny how much she means to you.

  1. Create a colorful hand made card thanking your nanny for some special thing she did (for you or your child).  Your child gets the added benefit of seeing how important it is to acknowledge those we care about.
  2. Come home early and give her the rest of the afternoon off… maybe adding some tickets for a movie or dinner.
  3. Who could resist a spa treat? If you can afford it, this is a big hit with any female. If you have a male nanny, then he needs pampering too.
  4. Does you nanny have a child herself? How about some kind of gift for her family? Toys, equipment that you no longer need, time off for some engagement that her family wants to attend.
  5. If your nanny has been with you for a while you probably know what little surprise would make her smile. Starbucks card? Gift Card for her favorite store or service? Little extra $ for gas allowance or car wash? 
  6. Have flowers sent to her when she least expects it. Thank her for the times she’s stayed late so you could finish at the office. Or the umpteenth time she came early to work. Or doing the laundry when nowhere in the job description did you mention laundry.
  7. Remember, what’s good for your nanny is ultimately good for you and your family. Make her glad for being a nanny and grateful she’s working for you!

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