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Healing Your Postpartum Body

Pomegranate Center Postnatal yogaMarin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Pomegranate Center in San Anselmo.

Most pregnant women take exceptional care of their bodies and most new mothers take exceptional care of their babies. It’s a rare woman who makes her own mental and physical well-being a priority after giving birth. Now that you have your baby in your arms, you owe it to yourself and to your family to make healing and self-care a priority.

Pomegranate Center in San Anselmo offers a safe and supportive environment to begin taking care of yourself after birth. We offer two Mom and Baby Yoga classes to connect with your baby and your body –this class is just enough stretching and movement to start opening and engaging your muscles after birth. It is a class full of support and community and will give you confidence as you practice mothering (babies are in the class) and self-care.

We also offer a weekly Postnatal Pilates class taught by Tamar Dover: a postnatal mom of two young children (ages 3.5 and 2 years old) who has been teaching pilates for 12 years. We have onsite childcare during this class for children who are 4 weeks-10 years old.

Pomegranate Center Postnatal yogaPomegranate Center Postnatal yoga

Tamar begins each class with pilates fundamentals, simple and basic exercises intended to help women reconnect with their breath, their pelvic floor and their deep abdominals. She uses images and cues to guide women to reestablish communication to the deep muscles of the abdominals, pelvic floor and low back. These basic training exercises set the stage for the more challenging classical pilates exercises that build throughout the 1-hour class.

Tamar gives moms the tools to identify and work with diastasis recti (abdominal separation from pregnancy) so that exercise is aiding in healing the separation. She operates from the belief that an hour of mindful movement can leave you feeling more grounded and better prepared to deal with the physical and mental strains of motherhood.

Pilates is an excellent way to build balance and strength because of its holistic approach and focus on alignment, precise, and functional mindful movement. Join us on Thursdays for Postnatal Pilates with Tamar from 11 am to noon—your body and your family will thank you!

This article was written by Shannon Kozubik and edited by Jennifer Arcuni. Pomegranate Prenatal Yoga and Parent Center is located at 25 Tamalpais Ave. in downtown San Anselmo. (415) 785-3173.