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Ride a Spaceship? Play with Dragons? Visit Mars? Design AI Robots? Join Camp Integem This Summer!

Camp Integem

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Camp Integem.

At Camp Integem, kids and teens (ages 5-18) will have hands-on learning experiences in Holographic AR coding, STEM, AI, robotics, digital art, game design, 3D modeling, 2D/3D animation, space exploration, nature exploration, interactive storytelling, empathy, leadership, and much more. Teleport into their games and experience the magic of their design.

Since 2018, Integem has taught K-12 students from more than 20 countries in-person or online. Thousands of students from over 200 local schools have joined Camp Integem’s on-site programs.

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Our Featured Courses

Camp Integem offers 42 courses for students K-12. Students are grouped into ages 5-8, 8-10, 10-14, and 14+.

No prior knowledge is necessary. We offer beginner to advanced levels.

AR Coding, STEM & Game Design (Ages 5-18)

Students will code their own applications. They can dive into the deep ocean to play with whales, ride a spaceship to outer space to explore the universe or teleport into their game world to fight with Minecraft, Roblox, or other game characters with their friends.

  • AR Coding—Space Voyager
  • AR Coding — Nature Voyager
  • 3D AR Coding & Game Design, including 3D AR Minecraft and 3D AR Roblox Game Design
  • Advanced 3D AR Coding and Multiplayer Game Design

AR,  AR, AI & Robotics Engineering (Ages 5-18)

Students will code and design their own intelligent AR applications with AI and transport the magic from the Holographic AR world into the real world with Robotics.

  • Robotics Engineering with AR Coding
  • AI+3D Holographic AR
  • AI+Robotics Engineering with 3D Holographic AR

Earn NVidia AI Certificates with (Ages 10-18)

  • AI+3D holographic AR with NVidia Edge Computing
  • AI+Robotics Engineering with 3D Holographic AR and NVidia Edge Computing

AR Digital Art, Animation, 3D Design (Ages 5-18)

Students will create their own AR art, animations, and 3D designs. They will Teleport into their fairytale, play with their characters, or become heroes who save the world!

  • AR Digital Art
  • Interactive AR Animation with Adobe Character Animator
  • 3D AR Design, including Fashion design and Game Art Design
  • Advanced 3D AR Design+Adobe Character Animator, including 3D AR Minecraft and 3D AR Roblox Game Design

Teach Leadership (Ages 13-18)

This is a year-round program to teach students (ages 13+) how to be tech leaders. Based on your child's interest, they will learn Holographic AR coding, art, animation, game design, AI, or robotics. After learning the basics of tech leadership, they will serve as a Holographic AR local leader to further practice their skills, organize local/national/international activities, and receive U.S. Presidential Service Award (for US Citizens/Permanent Residence only).

Phone: (408) 459-0657

Register Today! Use code MM23 to save. The earlier you book, the more you save!

Save 10% before Mar. 31, 2023
Save 5% before June 30, 2023
First 20 registrations will save 15%

All registrations will receive a one-year Adobe Creative Cloud ($240 Value) while supplies last.

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