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Learn to Walk with the Willa Walker!

Willa WalkerLast summer we wrote about the Willa Walker, a cool new baby product launched by five Marin County dads. It's an innovative way for parents to participate in helping their baby learn to walk, while saving their backs, too. The Willa Walker is made from sustainable hardwood and cotton and finished with organic coconut oil.

The Willa Walker is basically two rings suspended from a hardwood bar by cotton straps. Baby grabs the rings (instead of your fingers) and you hold onto the bar and let her walk without having to stoop over and stress your back. It's a fantastic idea!

Willa Walker has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to expand their business, complete the patent process, and purchase a laser engraver. In keeping with their sustainable and fair-trade ethic, they've also partnered with Eden Reforestation Products to help restore forests in places like Haiti, Madagascar, and Nepal and the Lonely Whale Foundation on this campaign.

Willa Walker Willa Walker

Backers get cool rewards like personalized Willa Walkers engraved with baby's name, special Lonely Whale edition Willa Walkers laser-etched with whales, and more. They launched their campaign on Monday and are already 35% on the way toward their goal. You can learn more about the product and company at

Photos courtesy Playful Nature, LLC

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