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Learning to Walk Is Fun with the New Willa Walker

Willa WalkerThe Willa Walker is a cool new baby product launched by five Marin County dads, and it's definitely not something that you think of when you hear "baby walker". It's an innovative way for parents to participate in helping their baby learn to walk, and when we saw it we knew we had to learn more about it. We asked the guy behind the Willa Walker to tell us the story behind this neat new Marin-based product.

What was the inspiration for creating the Willa Walker?

Gabe, the inventor of Willa Walker, is a mechanical engineer and cousin of Willa. He grew up in Tam Valley and went to Tam High. His cousin went kayaking with his wife and left his daughter and co-inventor Willa with him. Willa was a little under one year and was in the transition from crawling to walking.

Gabe is constantly tinkering and inventing fun, so 10 minutes into the babysitting session, Willa Walker was born from some scrap materials in the garage.

Since that time, Gabe has filed for a patent on the design and invited his cousin and three other childhood friends to launch the Willa Walker through their newly-formed Marin-based company, Playful Nature, LLC.

What's the purpose of the Willa Walker? Please describe it.

The best way to understand the purpose and how it works is to watch this short video of it in action:

The Willa Walker is a handheld device that makes helping a baby learn to walk even more joyful. It allows an adult to stand upright while participating in this incredible milestone of their baby’s development. Every parent has spent a large amount of time “giving” their child a finger as they begin to gain their ability to walk. Willa Walker makes those times a little more fun for parents and babies.

Willa Walker Willa Walker

What makes the Willa Walker different from similar products?

There are lots of tools on the market that seek to assist a parent or child during this transition, but none of them allow the baby to participate when they want to. All the other products out there have latches to fasten, clasps to buckle, or harnesses to wrestle a squirming toddler into.

Willa Walker is unique due to its strikingly simple design approach. It is a mimic of the time-tested parental assistance method.

Willa Walkers are made from natural hardwood and fabric. All of the materials are earth and human friendly, from the sustainable wood handle and rings finished with organic coconut oil, to the packaging that is 100% recycled.

Where can parents buy the Willa Walker?

You can purchase the Willa Walker at

We think it makes a great first birthday gift for babies who are not yet walking and a great baby shower gift.

Photos courtesy Playful Nature, LLC

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