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Live Streaming Classes from Aikido Kids of Tamalpais: Where Kids Grow, Thrive and Feel Alive!

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Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Aikido Kids of Tamalpais in Corte Madera.

Friday March 13 Marin schools closed due to COVID-19. Monday March 16 our dojo, Aikido Kids of Tamalpais, transformed a hands-on martial arts program for kids ages 4–17 to a virtual dojo, live streaming classes 6 days a week. We could not have done this without the amazing support of our dedicated parents and students.

In the three weeks since we started this journey we’ve redesigned our entire curriculum incorporating the fun learning and playful interactions that have always been the cornerstone of our programs. Parents love the fact that their kids can continue attending classes with video conferencing technology; get an hour break while their children exercise and stay connected to friends. When we moved our program online the most important goal was to keep our wonderful community intact during these stressful times and judging by the incredible engagement our families have shown, we feel we have achieved that.

The three components that make our program work are our live streaming classes coupled with videos that students use to practice techniques, in addition to one on one communication between teacher and student. Having students feel engaged takes focus on the teacher’s end as well as teaching the kids some technology tricks. It’s a team effort and we encourage all students to speak up and pay close attention to the quiet shy students.

Learning, continuity and having a sense of accomplishment in these difficult times are crucial. Our goal is to give kids an enlivened sense of the future while having fun and providing them with an enriching experience.

Sign up now for online classes with Aikido Kids of Tamalpais! Online classes will take place through mid-June; prices will be prorated for the remainder of the spring session. You can learn more about Akido Kids at