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Marin Alternative Mothers Group

Are you passionate about natural childbirth or homebirth, and are you looking for like-minded families for support, information, and friendship? The Marin Alternative Mothers Group (MAMG) may be for you. The MAMG is a group of women devoted to alternative birth choices and proud of their educated and informed decisions to birth drug free in a safe and supported environment.

MAMG was founded by Marin mom Ozzie Ozkay-Villa—whose son was born at home in 2010—after she wasn't able to find exactly what she was looking for through existing local mother's groups. She and her fellow MAMG moms have found that surrounding themselves with like-minded women who support their decisions about childbirth and parenting gives them a strong sense of empowerment and community. "When we get a new pregnant mom in MAMG I feel over-joyed because I know she will find the support that I didn't have," says Ozkay-Villa. "Every once in a while I have a mom email me and say something like "I found my people" and it just makes my day."

The MAMG meets every other Friday at 11 am, and holds family days one Sunday a month. The next Friday meet is on March 4th. The group is rapidly growing, so more activities are planned. Membership dues are $35 a year or $60 for two years. For more information on the MAMG, visit

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