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Mark Day School Launches GoGlobal Summer Camp to Bring Students from the U.S. and China Together

Mark Day School

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Mark Day School in San Rafael.

Mark Day School’s newest summer camp, GoGlobal, brings a unique international experience to students ages 5-13. Half of GoGlobal’s campers are students from China who have come to Marin to learn English and learn about American culture. The other half are students from the Bay Area who want to learn Mandarin and dive into Chinese culture.

For English-speaking students, GoGlobal’s Mandarin language program provides language instruction and conversation practice opportunities to students of all skill levels in a mixed-age class. Students will spend mornings in the classroom listening, speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin, and building Mandarin vocabulary through fun and creative activities.

Mark Day School

“Imagine learning Mandarin, and then practicing your skills with same-age native speakers from China,” says Bonnie Nishihara, Assistant Head and Director of Educational Design & Innovation at Mark Day School. “That’s the idea behind GoGlobal--to bring American and Chinese students together to learn from one another.” After a morning of learning and practicing Mandarin, both American and Chinese students in GoGlobal come together for fun cultural exchange activities such as cooking, music, crafts, and games. “It provides an environment where American and Chinese students can befriend each other, and recognize that on the surface, they come from very different cultures but also have many similarities.”

Mark Day School

Explore Marin County through educational excursions

GoGlobal campers will go on two local excursions each week to Marin locations such as the farmer’s market, the Bay Area Discovery Museum, and Angel Island.

There are several sessions to choose from, beginning July 8 through August 9. Visit to register and for more information about Mark Day School’s other exciting summer camps.