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Village Montessori

Village Montessori
17 Arroyo Avenue
San Anselmo, CA 94960


Amazing experience

We have put both of our boys through Jules' program at Village and could not be happier. They are very different children and the program has worked well for both. The beautiful classroom is filled with age-appropriate, stimulating materials. The outdoor space is well-planned with bikes, scooters and cars as well as a lovely garden. It is a wonderful, safe haven for toddlers. It is amazing how the children grow in the program - they are so independent and capable (from potty training to learning how to respect each other as well as focusing on specific tasks). My boys both love Jules. My son who is still in the program cannot wait to go each day and is always disappointed when it's not a school day. Jules is amazing. She is very in touch with each child. She knows each child's temperament, personality and capabilities. She is a wealth of information and not only keeps you up to date on your child, but also provides parent education opportunities on a regular basis. Village is a special place - I highly recommend it!

Wonderful program

Village Montessori is a fantastic toddler program! My daughter, 2, is currently enrolled and is absolutely thriving. She is bubbling with excitement when she comes home and can’t wait to tell me about the things she has done that day. Not only is she happy, but we have watched her blossom into a girl with great confidence in herself and genuine joy about all she is able to do.

Village offers an incredibly supportive and positive environment in which children feel safe and free to explore and learn at their own pace. The space is beautiful, bright and filled with so many engaging materials for the kids to choose from. In addition, communication between Jules and parents is amazing – she is always sharing thoughts, insights and information about what happens during the day. It is a wonderful community to be a part of. It I highly, highly recommend this program!