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Shreem Yoga: Inspiring, Teaching and Motivating Women

Betina Crandall Shreem YOGAMarin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Benita Crandall of Shreem YOGA in San Rafael. Benita, founder of ShreemYoga is a modern yogini, intuitive guide, wellness coach, wife, and mother.

Living the way you really want to live starts with total honesty, a deep breath and saying “yes” to change. It’s time to make the beautiful life changes you've been craving. This is your chance to really delve deep and tackle the goals you haven’t been able to achieve alone, or didn't even know you wanted!

I want to help you find your true self and allow your beautiful light to shine brightly out into the world. I love inspiring and motivating women just like you by sharing my years of of training, experience  and wisdom, to help on the journey towards blissful balance. Mentor. Guide. Light. Whichever way you wish to look at it I am here for you.

I’ve been described as a wise intuitive soul. During our sessions together you will receive soulful support from me as your guide, mentor, teacher and light, allowing you to gain clarity and release all those deep inner rooted blocks that are getting in your way of shining brightly.

I am passionate about helping women reconnect with that innermost part of themselves, the light that’s always shining underneath the surface. I do this in many ways—through nutrition, through energy work, through  a deep flowing yoga sequences, and through deep, soulful self-discovery. All of these pathways lead to your truth. And all of them are about coming home to your true beautiful self.

I am here to help you create a life of spiritual connection. Heartfelt truth. Serious self-care. …And the results are truly astonishing.

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