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A Tale of Two Schools: Terra Marin School (K-8) and Terra Mandarin Preschool (& TK)

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Terra Marin School and Terra Mandarin Preschool in Mill Valley.

We are dedicated to honoring the unique gifts of each child in an intimate and empowering environment. Terra Marin School and Terra Mandarin Preschool are intentionally designed to INSPIRE not pressure, EMBRACE not change, and EMPOWER versus demand the best in each child.

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Terra Marin School- A Progressive K-8th Grade Program.

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Status: Independent, nonprofit, coed
Grades: Kindergarten to eighth grade
Primary Language of Instruction: English

  1. Band Scheduling - Differentiated learning in language arts and mathematics, so each child is appropriately challenged (making it possible for an advanced 1st grader, for example, to attend a 3rd grade math class)
  2. Earth Education Program - One full day in nature each week with an Earth Educator, which studies show will improve academic performance, focus, behavior and love of learning
  3. Social-Emotional Development - All teachers are trained in the same social-emotional curriculum, which provides a healthy community for students to grow and thrive
  4. Project-Based Learning - Students engage in meaningful long-term projects in the Humanities and Sciences, incorporating multiple disciplines and integrating the curriculum
  5. Harkness Method Inspired - This empowering method of discussion facilitation for our middle school teaches students the art of communication and collaboration
  6. Homeschool Auxiliary Program (HAP) - A unique homeschool program for middle school that offers a science and/or humanities program, an optional outdoor program, high school preparation and a specially assigned student advisor.
  7. Small Class Sizes - All of our classes are small by design, to foster a meaningful learning environment where each student is actively engaged in their learning and has a sense of belonging

Terra Mandarin Preschool - A Reggio Emilia Inspired Mandarin Immersion Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten

Status: Independent, coed
Grade: 3 years to 5.9 years old/ Preschool to Transitional Kindergarten
Primary Language of Instruction: Mandarin Chinese

  1. Neuroscience - As significantly formative years in development, children’s brains at this age are malleable and adept at learning new languages at an exceptionally quick rate
  2. Language Immersion and Globalization - Learning an additional language in early childhood increases critical thinking skills, creativity, and neuroplasticity. It also gives students broader career and life opportunities as adults. Imagine the extensive number of people they can communicate and connect with if they have the ability to speak both Mandarin and English
  3. Reggio Emilia Inspired - This program nurtures the infinite capabilities of young children by weaving children’s interests into a curriculum that has purposeful progression through project-based learning
  4. Nurturing Environment - This small preschool is tucked within a K-8 school in which preschoolers have older ‘buddies’, caring teachers, and feel very much a part of a warm community

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