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Visit Marin's Amazing Lighted Holiday Houses!

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Perhaps our favorite thing about the holiday season is visiting amazing lighted and decorated holiday houses here in Marin. We've been taking in the displays all of these houses for years, and visiting them again each December is like dropping in to see an old friend. We love to find out what sort of wonderful new displays have been thought up for the season!

When you're visiting these Christmas houses, feel free to drop a donation into the donation box, if there is one, since that December PG&E bill is probably a whopper. (Rumor has it that the Rombeiro House costs upwards of $4,000 each season!)

This year will be the final one for both the Nisja Bears House and the Mickey Mouse House, so make sure you visit! We'll miss these colorful and fun celebrations of the holiday season in Marin.

The Rombeiro Christmas House

The Rombeiro Christmas House, Novato

The closest house to us is the one that is the most outrageous and elaborate of them all: the Rombeiro Christmas House in Novato. With 140,000 lights, it's a legendary holiday decoration tour-de-force, and truly has to be experienced in person to be believed. This is the only holiday house that we know of where you can actually tour the inside of the home, too. The Rombeiros welcome tens of thousands of visitors every year, and even hand out candy canes. If you can only visit one holiday house, this one might be it!

The Rombeiro House is located at 34 Devonshire Drive (off Center Road) in Novato. It's open daily from Sunday, December 3 through January 6 from 6 to 10 pm every day (including Christmas and New Year's Day). Read about our visit here.

The Nisja Bears House

The Nisja Bears House, Marinwood

The Nisja Bears House has been charming Marin families for 36 years. It's not the lights that are the most spectacular thing here (not that they aren't nice), but rather the quality of the displays and decorations that fill the front yard, which include a large, functioning model railroad, and, as the name implies, numerous bears doing all sorts of things. With the trains and bears and animated figures, there's plenty here to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Check out the display case to the left of the driveway for more bears and Christmas decorations. The bear that blows bubbles is always a hit with the kids, too.

The Nisja Bears House opens December 1, and is located in Marinwood at 383 Quietwood Drive (between Las Gallinas Avenue and Miller Creek Road). Make sure you visit the Nisja Bears House on Facebook. Read about our visit here.

The Mickey Mouse Christmas House

The Mickey Mouse Christmas House, Marinwood

Up the road a short distance from the Nisja Bears House is the Mickey Mouse House. As the name implies, this place is a shrine to all things Disney, and features possibly every Disney-themed holiday decoration ever created. The owners of this home, the Mize Family, transform their entire two-car garage into a giant glassed-in display case that houses most of their stuffed animals, toys, animated decorations, lighted ceramic buildings and more. The Mickey Mouse house doesn't stop there, though. The home's windows also display holiday paraphernalia and knicknacks, and there's a lighted nativity scene on the lawn. The great thing about this place is that little kids can look to their heart's content, but not touch.

The Mickey Mouse Christmas House opens Sunday, December 3 and will be on view through December 27 from 6–9 pm. You can find it at 417 Blackstone Drive (at Las Gallinas Avenue) in San Rafael. Check out their Facebook page here. Read about our visit here.

Linda's Snow Village

Linda's Snow Village, Marinwood

Linda's Snow Village (also located in Marinwood, which is your one-stop holiday house stop!) isn't as big and bright as many of the other, but it's well worth a visit when you're in the area. This holiday display is kind of like a real life I Spy book, with tons of little dioramas that make up a Christmas fantasyland. Both kids and adults will get lost in the detailed little lighted displays, and you can spend a lot of time here finding everything on the lists posted on the display case.

Linda's Snow Village is located at 563 Miller Creek Road, between Lucas Valley Road and Las Gallinas Avenue, in Marinwood.


At-At in San Rafael

60 Surfwood Circle (in San Rafael) has a HUGE illuminated AT-AT dressed as Rudolph in the front yard. Highly recommend!


Sounds neat! We'll check it out.

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