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Winston Preparatory School Opens Its Marin Campus in August 2020

Winston Preparatory School

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Winston Preparatory School, which is opening a new campus in Marin in August 2020.

We are thrilled to announce that the Winston Preparatory School is opening a sixth campus in Marin County, California in August 2020! We are excited to bring the essence of WPS—the expertise and methods that have been successfully applied to reach eight times the number of lives it did just two decades ago—to the West Coast.

Winston Preparatory School

People don’t always learn in predictable ways, which is why Winston Preparatory School (WPS) is committed to reaching all kinds of learners. Students often come to one of our campuses after struggling in traditional school settings. Many of these students, ranging in age, have been diagnosed with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, executive functioning difficulties, ADHD, or nonverbal learning disorders. At WPS, the faculty assess and understand students where they are, help them advance at a meaningful pace, and teach them to move forward independently.

The research-based education model used by the WPS faculty has been shown to profoundly expand the possibilities for students with learning differences. Providing a fundamental shift in the process of education at every level of the school organization, WPS faculty and leading educational experts have designed and implemented a model that reflects the best practices in the field, as well as research in learning, teaching, neuropsychology, and school climate. The results? Over the last decade, our specialized academic process resulted in a 99.7% high school graduation rate, and 79.3% of those graduates were college bound.

Winston Preparatory School

WPS’s mission is to facilitate the independence and meaningful participation of students with specific learning disorders. This means that the leaders and faculty at WPS are working within a model that requires educators and students to assess, understand, and design curriculum (and all aspects of the school experience) based on individualized understanding, and to continually re-evaluate the program. This model focuses not only on skill development, but also on the development of characteristics that lead to independence such as resilience, self-advocacy, and Self-regulation.

The science behind WPS is how we understand and help students with learning problems. We are experts in learning and cognition and we are compelled to be active leaders in bridging the gap between research and practice. At WPS we research so that we can understand, we understand so that we can individualize each child's school experience, and we do so in a way that makes this school all about them. As we understand them as individuals, they begin to feel understood—and this is where the Winston Prep magic begins.

Winston Preparatory School

Please take a moment to watch these WPS Films that capture the voices and lives of those living the gratifying educational experience at each Winston Preparatory School campus. We are currently accepting applications for students through grade 12. If you are interested in the Marin, California campus, please contact Kristen Atkins, Head of School, Winston Preparatory School Marin, at or call the school main number at (415) 993-5533, extension 28001. For more information, visit

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