Powell's Sweet Shoppe: Marin's Ultimate Candy Store

February 26, 2012

Powell's Sweet Shoppe: The Ultimate Candy StorePowell's Sweet Shoppe has been a fixture in Novato's Old Town neighborhood for years. For a while, it looked like it was ready to close its doors, but with a new owner on board Powell's back, restocked and better than ever! If you've haven't been in for a while, or if you're never visited at all, now's the time to check it out.

You know that phrase "Like a kid in a candy store"? Whenever I walk into Powell’s Sweet Shoppe I feel like I'm re-living my childhood. It's a nostalgic, old-time candy wonderland—wander the jam-packed aisles and explore different varities of candy bars licorice, chewing gum, chocolate, hard candy, gummies, suckers, and more. You name it—they probably have it. You'll probably run across something you haven't seen, or tasted, in years.

Powell's also has a variety of regional favorite candies and chocolates, such as Moon Pies and GooGoo Clusters from the South, our own local Jelly Bellies, and even candy from Britain and Europe. If you're looking for something a little fancier, try one of the hand-made chocolate truffles they offer.

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