Meal Delivery

Munchery Makes Dinnertime Easy and Delicious

March 24, 2015

MuncheryIt goes without saying that most families these days have busy schedules, with work, school, sports, activities, homework, and more taking up plenty of time. And I won't even get started on how busy and exhausted most new parents are! Cooking homemade meals during the week is often one of those things that falls by the wayside, but fortunately, meal delivery services can pick up the slack, and offer a healthy and less expensive alternative to takeout or restaurant meals.

We had the opportunity to try some of the delicious food from Munchery, a San Francisco-based startup that's using technology, sustainability, and talented chefs—most of whom are veterans of the Bay Area restaurant scene—to offer some great dinnertime options. Login to their website or launch their app on your mobile device and browse the day's menu, which will offer options ranging from sushi and salads to grilled chicken and lasagne Bolognese. They offer plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, too. Of course they also have plenty of kids' options, too, as well as side dishes, desserts, soft drinks, coffee, wine, and beer.

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