Have a Family Picnic This Labor Day Weekend

August 28, 2013

Labor Day PicnicLabor Day Weekend, that final chance to enjoy summer vacation (even though many kids in Marin are back in school already). While a backyard barbeque is a Labor Day tradition, why not plan a picnic with friends and family? It's fun, you don't have to clean up the house either before or after, and there are plenty of awesome picnic spots in Marin and the North Bay. (This weekend's weather is supposed to be nice, too.)

Here are a few tips for planning a picnic:

  • Have every family bring a different dish, but still don't forget to pack plenty of food and drink. It’s always better to have more than less!
  • Make a checklist for all the things you’ll need to bring, like folding chairs, picnic blankets, games, food, drink, etc.
  • Plenty of active games and outdoor toys will keep the kids occupied while the grownups relax.
  • Get to your picnic spot early to find a good place, especially on a holiday weekend. I always look for a spot with a little bit of shade and some sun, too, that won’t be in total shade later on the day.
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