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Men & Money

May 29, 2013

Men and women and moneyMarin Mommies presents another great article by Marin mom and financial planner Katy Song, CFP®.

Money causes more fights between couples than children and sex. I have found that most of these money fights stem from a lack of communication and understanding of a partner’s actions and priorities. Good news! You can build a bridge across the chasm of money mysteries and woes. Here are five keys to understanding men and money:

    1. Acknowledge a man’s primal need to be the provider. Being a bread winner tends to be an important part of the male identity. Managing the family finances is a natural extension of this, and across cultures, women value this attribute when looking for a partner. However, conflict can arise as women bring more to the table. According to CNN, working wives now contribute over 33% to the family’s income, and in a third of married households women are the primary breadwinner. As the wife’s contribution to the income grows, so does her involvement in the family finances. However, this does not change the primal need of man to be a provider. My advice… acknowledge this and he will be happy.

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