Post-natal Recovery

Classes for New & Expectant Parents at Marin General Hospital

January 10, 2017

Both my children were born at Marin General Hospital. Overall, it was a great experience—their staff is awesome and they’re a great resource for new parents. Not only were we well taken care of, but we were also able to take advantage of the wide variety of classes offered by MGH to help smooth things along for new and expectant parents. These classes are offered to the public.

Some of the classes available at Marin General include prenatal and postnatal instruction classes for expectant parents, infant care, CPR, breastfeeding help, a father class, a free mom’s support group, and help for siblings adjusting to a new brother or sister.

They also offer a childbirth and infant-care “value package” for $250 per couple. This seven-class series covers pretty much everything you need to know about bringing home a new baby, and includes topics like breastfeeding, post partum expectations and realities, care of your newborn, and home and car safety. Classes are two hours each, and the first three classes can be taken as a single one-day childbirth class. Programs take place in MGH’s convenient location at 250 Bon Air Road in Greenbrae.

Rebuild Your Strength with Postpartum Exercise

May 22, 2016

pregnant mom exercisingMarin Mommies presents a guest article by prenatal and postpartum physical therapist Alicia Willoughby.

Being a mom is really hard physical work and it requires strength and endurance to do the job. Most mothers will say that having a baby was when their physical condition started to decline, whether it be chronic pain and discomforts, the inability to run without peeing or the aesthetic issue of still looking pregnant four years later. Pregnancy and birth cause huge changes to a woman’s anatomy, but with proper guidance and dedication, a mother’s body can be strong and discomfort free.

During pregnancy and birth, the muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the spine and pelvis become stretched out and even torn or cut. This causes the brain’s connection to those muscles to become impaired or even lost completely, which means the brain cannot voluntarily activate these core muscles. Without these muscles performing optimally, the risk of pain and injury increases dramatically because the spine and pelvis are no longer being stabilized. Regaining control of these muscles is crucial for a healthy and happy postpartum mommy body.

Healing Your Postpartum Body

July 21, 2014

Pomegranate Center Postnatal yogaMarin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Pomegranate Center in San Anselmo.

Most pregnant women take exceptional care of their bodies and most new mothers take exceptional care of their babies. It’s a rare woman who makes her own mental and physical well-being a priority after giving birth. Now that you have your baby in your arms, you owe it to yourself and to your family to make healing and self-care a priority.

Pomegranate Center in San Anselmo offers a safe and supportive environment to begin taking care of yourself after birth. We offer two Mom and Baby Yoga classes to connect with your baby and your body –this class is just enough stretching and movement to start opening and engaging your muscles after birth. It is a class full of support and community and will give you confidence as you practice mothering (babies are in the class) and self-care.

We also offer a weekly Postnatal Pilates class taught by Tamar Dover: a postnatal mom of two young children (ages 3.5 and 2 years old) who has been teaching pilates for 12 years. We have onsite childcare during this class for children who are 4 weeks-10 years old.

Bye-Bye Mommy Pouch

May 29, 2012

SpanxMarin Mommies presents a guest post by fashion stylist and mom Katie Rice Jones.

The last thing you want to be asked just after giving birth is, “When are you due?” No one who was just pregnant wants to still look pregnant. However for a short while during post, you still do. The key to limiting the annoying question above is to diminish what I call the “mommy pouch” (residual baby weight that collects around your waistline) with the right clothing and shape wear. Here’s what I recommend.

Camouflage the pouch with clothing…

  • Sleeved wrap. This must-have piece can be fashioned over ten ways to disguise the belly. Plus it poses as an elegant breastfeeding drape. Find it at

And Now, What about Mommy?

November 2, 2009

Pilates pregnant woman with exercise ballMarin Mommies is pleased to present another great guest post, this time by Zeina Grifoni MPT, Certified Pilates Instructor and owner—with her husband Tiziano—of Synergy+ Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio.

Pregnancy, birth, and now the aftermath—a beautiful baby, but what about mommy?

Pregnancy and new motherhood are amazing, life-changing experiences. Throughout pregnancy, an OBGYN or midwife makes sure that both mommy and baby are healthy and happy. Once the baby is born and the initial stages of healing are complete, all the attention shifts toward baby. While it is wonderful to focus on baby, many women are left wondering what is happening to mommy!

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