Marinwood's Mickey Mouse Christmas House

December 11, 2013

The Mickey Mouse Christmas House in Marinwood

One of my children's favorite decorated and lighted Christmas house is the Mize family's Mickey Mouse House (AKA "Mickey's Christmas House") in Marinwood. Visit it, and you'll see why it's so popular! The Mickey Mouse House, located at 417 Blackstone Drive (at Las Gallinas Avenue), looks to be just a regular lighted Christmas house at first glance.

Get out of your car and walk up the short driveway, though and you'll see why it's worth a visit for kids of all ages. Every evening from 6 to 10 pm, the two-car garage is opened to reveal two galleries of what has to be every Walt Disney toy, stuffed animal, decoration, and gimgrack ever produced, all artfully arranged in two spectacular holiday displays.

We haven't counted, but we think that every Disney animated character from the past 60 years has to be represented here, somewhere. Every year, the newest Disney movie characters are welcomed to the party. Last year it was Princess Merida from Brave and Vanellope von Schweetz and Wreck-It Ralph from the movie of the same name; this year it's the gang from Monsters University (hint: Mickey's reading them a story).

The Mickey Mouse Christmas House in MarinwoodThe Mickey Mouse Christmas House in Marinwood

The garage display is what makes this place to appealing. Each section is kind of like one of those I Spy books, and kids can spend quite a bit of time picking out all the different characters and situations going on. The displays are protected by clear plexiglas windows, so don't worry about the little ones getting their paws on Mickey and his pals.

Wander around the front of the house a little. Up by the front door there are additional decorations, and the street-facing windows of the house also house numerous holiday figurines and decorations. Look for the Toy Story characters peeping out of the second-story window! There are also more Disney inflatables and a lighted nativity scene on the lawn.

The Mickey Mouse Christmas House in MarinwoodThe Mickey Mouse Christmas House in Marinwood

As is usually the case, there's a donation box to help with the power bill, which must be pretty hefty every December. We let the kids put a dollar or three into the box. They're grateful for anything (and we're grateful to them for putting on this yearly display), and they'll donate anything left over after paying PG&E to charity.

Mickey's Christmas House is another Christmas house that continues to charm familes and children of all ages year after year. It's definitely a must-see stop on your Marin County holiday lights sightseeing itinerary. This year, the Mize family and the Mickey Mouse Christmas House will be featured on the new ABC series The Great Christmas Light Fight; they'll be featured on the episode that airs on Monday, December 23.

The Mickey Mouse Christmas House in MarinwoodThe Mickey Mouse Christmas House in Marinwood

While you're in the neighborhood, be sure to swing by the Nisja Bear's House on nearby Quietwood Drive, as well Linda's Snow Village, a cool Christmas village setup around the corner on Miller Creek Road.