Sleep 101 for 0-12 months with Sarah Middelton

Please join us for a lecture taught by infant sleep expert Sarah Middelton, who is trained in the Millette Method--a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to sleep that takes into account each family's unique set of sleep needs. Learn some great techniques to help your little one (and you!) sleep.

Some of the topics covered are:
~Importance of a baby schedule
~Challenges to baby sleep habits ex: developmental milestones
~New SIDS research and guidelines
~Pros and cons of various sleep methods (Ferber, CIO, low/no- cry methods)
~Infant/child sleep products
~Family bed, crib, room sharing

$45/person--babies welcome
$10 off for partners to attend



Pomegranate Prenatal Yoga and Parent Center
25 Tamalpias Ave
San Anselmo, CA 94960