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Amazing Nanny of 10 Years is Available!

Hi all, our amazing nanny Ana has been with us for 10 years. She is part of our family and our two boys truly love her. Our children are now of the age where we need only part time help, and we want to help her find another family for full-time work, hopefully for a long run like ours! Ana is loving, smart, diligent, reliable, and has a great instinct for what children need. She is magic with babies and young children, and has cared for young twins so is very capable. Ana can start right away, and is looking for full time work, Monday-Thursday with some flexibility about Friday, ideally mornings.
She is happy to do housework and run errands to support the family, and is flexible about hours and staying late or working nights and weekends. She speaks English and is comfortable driving. Ana's preference is to work with a family with a new baby. She is asking for $20/hour plus payment of her taxes. Details about that and vacation, etc. can be discussed in interviews. Send me a note if you are interested and I am happy to talk further about her qualifications. Best, Tay

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We need an awesome nanny!

I’m looking for a nanny for afternoons, 3-6:30 (Wednesdays: 1:30 - 6:30) and two - three mornings per week 6:30 a 8:30.

I’m a divorced mom to four kids, 13,13,9 and 7 who split their time between two houses that are 1/2 mike apart in San Anselmo.

There would be some light housework, homework help, and driving to/from sports.

This is roughly 25 hours per week, which means your awesome nanny could also pick up hours with a baby during the day!

Rate negotiable - we’ve been paying our nanny $25/hr cash.