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Any moms due in January?

Hi All!

I'm due in January with my first child and relatively new to Marin (we live in Sausalito). I'd love to chat with other moms due around that time about their experiences being pregnant and trade recommendations for prenatal yoga and other classes, doulas (still deciding if I want to use one), childcare, etc.

Let me know if you're interested!


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Due in January

Hi Nicole,

I just came across Marin Mommies. Im also due in January and relatively new to Marin. I moved to Larkspur just over a year ago.

I'm also interested in Prenatal yoga classes but am having difficulties finding evening classes (I work during the day). They all seem to happen during the day.

It would be great to chat!


kellie byers
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Hey ladies! I'm also a first

Hey ladies! I'm also a first time mom due in Jan and have only been in marin for a few years. Would love to chat
Hope to hear from you soon
Kellie byers