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Hamilton Pool-Novato

When the weather turns warm, almost everyone loves going to the pool for a day of splashing and swimming in the sun. This is a great location for a child's birthday party. The Hamilton Community Pool has 2 pools--a shallow kids' pool with its play structure, water slide, and water sprayers. It's a blast for kids of all ages. There's also a larger more traditional pool for more serious swimming and water play.

You'll also find a large grassy area on the hill behind the pool that's perfect for spreading out your beach towels and picnic blankets. There are also plenty of picnic tables, some with charcoal BBQ grills, so bring your lunch and hang out for the whole day if you want. There's another grassy area on the other side of the pool with some picnic tables and large shade structures (spots in the shade here get claimed pretty quickly, so get here early if you want to stake out a shady spot).

For more info about their parties, call (415) 485-3344 or visit their website.

(415) 485-3344
203 El Bonito Drive
Novato, CA 94945