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Central San Rafael Nanny Share

We have a fantastic nanny that's been with us for 5 years, now need a family to share our nanny with starting February 1. We are in the Sun Valley neighborhood of San Rafael and have a 2 year old that is with her full time, and a 5 year old that is with her part time. She can care for 1-2 additional children full or part time. Let me know if interested!


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Interested in nanny share

Hi Kelly,

My name is Mena, and my husband's name is Cody. Our baby girl is four months old, and we would like to find a part-time nanny or to share a nanny who could start on February 1st. Our girl has been going to daycare since she was two months old, and as much as we love the daycare, the rest of the kids there are much older, and my baby is not getting the proper attention. We would love to find someone who could watch our baby on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please feel free to send me an email to or if you prefer you can call me at 707-508-5518.
I look forward to talking to you soon.