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Home | Due in March-need nanny share from August 2018
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Due in March-need nanny share from August 2018

Hi mommies,
I am looking for a nanny share starting in August 2018, for our second baby, arriving in March 2018.
We are located in the los ranchitos area, close to the Northgate mall, in a single family house. We have lots of space and are happy to open up our house as the full time location.

Any mommies with babies coming up around this same time?
We also have a potential nanny in mind but are happy to look at options.

please contact me on email.

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Due in April

Hi Valerie - I'm due with my first baby in April 2018. I live near you - in the Los Ranchitos area off San Pedro. It'd be great to meet.

Swati Paul
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September - Nanny Need

We too are expecting in March and looking for a shared nanny... Valerie & Kristen - any leads or updates? Would love to add ours as well if it all works out.

Micah R
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Nanny needed starting in October


We're also due in around this time. We would love to join a nanny share.  Did you already find someone?