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Rhys Mason
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Free Child Evaluations offered by an Advanced Psychology Graduate Student

Dear Marin Mommies,

I am a fourth-year doctoral student in clinical psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA ( I am currently taking an advanced yearlong course in Child Assessment and, as such, am currently accepting child and adolescent clients for free psychological testing.

Through the use of a variety of standard psychological tests, I will attempt to answer questions you may have that spur your interest in the assessment. Some common questions include readiness for kindergarten, a match between the child and their school or education program, the child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses and learning style, as well as social/emotional concerns and diagnosis clarification. Recommendations for the family or caregivers will be provided.

I am receiving close supervision from a licensed psychologist who will remain responsible for my clients’ well-being and the results of the evaluation. You will have the opportunity to meet with me to share your concerns, provide history and context, and discuss the results of testing. Opportunities are available for your 4-10 year old child to participate in a play therapy interview, as well as opportunities for your 5-15 year old child to participate in tests of cognition, achievement, temperament, personality style, and social and emotional areas.

If interested, please contact me at for more information.

Thank you!

Rhys Mason