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Honey Bee Hearth Preschool

Have you ever lived in a place and felt that you wanted to share it with others? That’s how I imagined starting a preschool at my home in Corte Madera. After teaching preschool for 15 years, I decided to open Honey Bee Hearth Preschool -- a home-based program for children ages 3-5, 4 mornings a week. The size of the program is limited to 6 children and one teacher.  It is inspired by the principles of Waldorf education. The program is both indoors and outdoors with a daily rhythm consisting of play, storytelling, circle time, artistic activities, gardening, and meaningful work. 

We are looking for more families to join us this Fall 2022- Spring 2023.   Come and play with us! Schedule a tour. 

Honey Bee Hearth Preschool
Corte Madera, CA 94965
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