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Marin County Mothers Clubs

Southern Marin Mothers' Club

When my kids were little, I found that belonging to a local mothers club—in my case the Novato Mothers Club—was an invaluable experience. Mothers Clubs offer support, social events, a sense of community, and more resources for parents with young families.

If you're looking for a moms club in Marin, then check out our list of local organizations here to find one in your area. We've seen a few clubs in Marin disband over the past few years, but all clubs listed here are active and all inforrmation is correct at time of publishing.

Southern Marin Mothers Club

The Southern Marin Mothers Club (SMMC) has been going strong for over 25 years! Activities include a summer BBQ, preschool fair, monthly socials, community playdates, educational seminars, and more. The SMMC has a wide variety of subgroups based on age, location, and interests. To learn more about SMMC and join the club, visit

Novato Mother's Club

The Novato Mother’s Club (NMC) was created in 1993 to provide mothers with a supportive, nurturing environment, knowledge through shared experiences, friendship, and activities. NMC members enjoy an online forum, private Facebook group, playgroups, children’s outings, family events, mom’s night outs, and a quarterly newsletter. This member-led support group offers activities geared toward families with children of all ages. Learn more at

Corte Madera Larkspur Moms Club

The Corte Madera Larkspur Moms Club (CMLMC) was founded in 1993 as a member-led social, educational, support group for mothers and families with children from birth through age five, although some families continue on through school-age. They offer social events for parents and families, playgroups, mom social events, all-ages meetups, stroller walks, and signature annual member events. Find out more and join at

Marin Parents of Multiples Club

While most Marin moms clubs focus on parents in a geographic area, the Marin Parents of Multiples Club is for all parents of twins and triplets (and more!). They offer great member perks like the ability to borrow clothes and costumes, moms' nights out, family events, and a yearly rummage sale. Learn more about the club at

Photo: Gina Risso Photography/Southern Marin Mothers Club