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Mariposa Bilingual School

Mariposa Bilingual School is a Spanish language immersion program with the full educational benefits of a traditional preschool and is customized for children from ages 10 months to 5 years old.  Mariposa offers a variety of flexible, year-round enrollment options to meet the individual needs and goals of children and their families. Our program was modeled after a highly successful, activity-based immersion program and perfected over many years through the experiences of thousands of students. Our goal is to help families open their children’s minds to new cultures, embrace diversity, and fully prepare children to enter kindergarten.

Our teachers spend one-on-one time to help children learn language, math, science, social studies and music by incorporating games, art, music, dance, reading, writing, imaginative play, and other stimulating activities into the lessons. Whether at the art table with friends or singing and dancing on our stage, your child will have a wonderful time at Mariposa while learning Spanish.

Mariposa Bilingual School
1879 2nd Street
San Rafael, CA 94901


Mariposa: Wonderful and Nurturing Environment + SPANISH!

My son has only been at Mariposa for a few weeks but I am already very impressed. My son has been in 3 different preschools (due to moves) so I have learned what to look for. Mariposa is the whole package: The leadership and staff have a lot of experience. They are nurturing, thoughtful, and well versed in childhood development. Each child is treated with respect and dignity. They were caring and gentle and when my son had some “poop issues” and gave me very valuable advice. The space is colorful, open, clean, and well laid out. Lots of room for imaginative play, music, and creativity. And finally, your child will learn Spanish at this school. It is true Spanish immersion. The teachers are patient and they get the kids really excited about language. It’s amazing to see how kids absorb language at this age. I highly recommend this school. 


Mariposa School recently relocated to San Rafael from San Francisco and I believe there are open spaces for new kids. Patricia runs the school. If you take a tour, she will give you a very good sense of the values and energy of the school.