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New to area- New mom to be!

Hi everyone-

My husband and I recently moved to San Anselmo from SF and I am due early May.

I do not know a lot of people in the area so figured would reach out and see if anyone else is due around the same time, has found any useful resources in the area, and is looking to chat with other another new mom to be!

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Hi Cannet --I live in San Rafael

Hi Cannet --

I live in San Rafael and am due in February. I don't know any parents of young children who live in the area so I'm also on the hunt for good resources. From what I've seen so far, Next Door has a lot of good information for child care, pediatricians, etc., and Marin General has a new mom's group that I'm planning to check out when the time comes ( I'd love to chat with you (and anyone else who is reading this thread and interested!) -- feel free to email me if that's easier.

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New to Marin

Hi Cannet,

We're also relatively new to Marin county having moved here from SF 1.5 years ago. I live in Novato with my husband, who still commutes to SF for work. We're having our first baby in mid June! I'd love to connect and I also have 2 friends also due around the same time that live close by. Would be fun for us all to get together.

Talk soon!

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Hi Cannet! I'm due end of

Hi Cannet!

I'm due end of April and live in Marin with my husband as well. We also moved from SF a few years ago. Would love to connect with you as I still don't know too many people in the area either.


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Count me in! Due 5/3!

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Get together?

Hi all-

I am due 5/2 so we are all pretty close! Had not logged in here for a bit so missed your posts in early Feb. Any interest in meeting up one night soon? Would be cool to connect!


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Hi Cannet- count me in as well!

I am fairly new to San Rafael - moved here less then a year ago from SF and its been about 2 years I have been in Northern California. I am originally from LA and my husband and I are expecting our first baby April 25th. Would love to get togothor as well as and see if you ladies have found any resources as I am looking for a lactation consultant, paediatrician and a new born photographer!!

Ani Berberian

Imagina y Juega
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IPB daycare supports new moms!

congratulation ladies, I just want to share that Imagine and Play Bilingual Daycare of Mill Valley supports mothers with their childcare needs. Drop-ins accepted. High quality program for infants and toddlers, organic fresh snacks and meals, excellent references! 415 306-4326

Mandy Mooney
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Count me in!

I'm a bit late to the conversation, but I'm due with my first baby (a girl) in August and would love to meet some mommy friends. Let me know if you ladies end up getting together!


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New to Area - Due in July - Looking for OB/GYN recommendations

Hi Mommies (to be)!
I'm new to the area - Due in July and looking for OB/GYN recommendations as well as other mommies and mommies to be to meet up with. I already have a son, Dean who is turning 6 in September and expecting my second son in July.
We're moving to Mill Valley and both hubby, Matt and I will be working in San Francisco.
Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Due August 2016 and new to Marin

Hi ladies! I'm due in early August with my first (a girl) and also moving from SF to Larkspur in August (timing not ideal, I know). Would love to meet other moms and share resources, insights, childcare info, etc! My husband and I both work in SF and I plan to return to work in January after my maternity leave.

Let me know if interested in connecting! And also I'd love to hear what you've learned to be the best resources for researching nannies, nanny shares, dayycares, etc. I feel overwhelmed!

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Would love to join! New mom as of June 2nd


I recently had my first little boy on June 2nd. I have lived in San Rafael for the past year, but, do not have any new mommy friends in the area and would love to get together with new moms to support each other. Im on maternity leave until mid October and have a wide open schedule other than taking care of the rascal. Please let me know if you have any get togethers. I would like to join!!!!

Thanks so much,

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Looking to meet up as well


Also a little late to the conversation, but am looking for moms in the area to connect with. First time mom of a 6 month old. Would love to meet up or schedule playgroups. I am a full-time working mom, so weekends would work best for me.

Please let me know if you all ever get together.

Thank you,


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New to Marin and looking to join a mom's group

Hi all,

I moved to Mill Valley about a year ago from the Peninsula and would love to join and meet up with some new parents in the area too.

I'm due early December and usually free to meet Fridays or weekends.

I'm thinking of taking some prenatal classes at Marin General or CPMC. Anyone interested in going together or have input on classes that were helpful?