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Pilates for Pregnancy

Stay in Shape and Prepare with Pilates for Pregnancy
Fit First Pilates Marin is offering classes!
Call 415.264.2157 for information and class schedule, or come by the studio!

Fit First Pilates Marin
21 Tamal Vista Blvd. #162
Corte Madera, CA 94925

”FitFirst Pilates is the place to go to create the functional fitness that pregnant women need for a healthy pregnancy and labor/delivery experience. I was someone who has always been plagued with injuries… and I had no pain during pregnancy! The instructor was so knowledgable about pregnancy and labor/delivery – she made sure I was comfortable, modified my workout to prevent overstretching of changing ligaments, and added new strengthening exercises to prepare for labor/delivery. In fact, during my delivery, my OB complimented me on being particularly strong and in tune with my body… a tribute to the pregnancy pilates that I received at FitFirst. Worth the investment…” Julie – PhD