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The Power of an Early Start

Marin Montessori School

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Marin Montessori School.

Not much matches the excitement of parenting young children. The small joys appear at breakfast and bedtime in ways that, if you’re paying attention, endure as some of the best, most gratifying moments in your life. 

And the worries come, too. Some are the same ones our own parents felt — and others feel brand new. 

As today’s parents, we find ourselves in the middle of an era rich with possibility and disruption. The world our children will inherit will be materially different from the one we were raised to navigate. We can all feel the landscape changing. It can feel exhilarating one moment and overwhelming the next.


Proven Benefits of Montessori Education

How best to advantage young children with the tools they’ll need to both navigate and shape this new world? 

It turns out that the Montessori approach is a century-old solution to today’s challenges. 

Research confirms that, compared to their peers in other environments, children learning in authentic Montessori schools develop:

At Marin Montessori, We Know…

As one of the first female physicians in Italy, Dr. Montessori excelled at solving problems using the power of observation. And what did she notice about child development as she carefully watched children? 

  • Each child is unique and driven by innate capabilities and curiosities. 
  • Children naturally seek to understand the world and are motivated from within by an urge to belong and a pursuit of purpose and independence. 
  • Children grow best in an environment that is prepared carefully and curated to engage, inspire, and empower learning.

Directed by the individual child’s natural development and the age group’s developmental tendencies, authentic Montessori education equips children with the skills and knowledge they’ll need to navigate the challenges of our rapidly changing world and lead effective and meaningful lives.

How Else Can Marin Montessori Help You

The stakes for a child’s education are always high, but something is different now. 

We all feel it.

Enter Grounded and Soaring, a space where parents and educators meet to explore how we can raise healthy kids in a too-often unhealthy world.

This new site is a group project from the faculty and administrators of Marin Montessori School where we wade into the challenges and promises of parenting and educating in today’s world.

We hope the site helps parents and children in our community and beyond. We offer podcast episodes with experts, helpful parenting tips, and some pretty amazing student contributions.

In a dizzying time, we hope Grounded and Soaring offers some steady and useful help. 

Marin Montessori School

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If you’re a parent seeking a school that helps children grow assured in an unsteady world, we want you to know that our child-centered programs inspire levels of concentration, intellectual curiosity, and independence that will prepare children to lead and learn in remarkable, enduring ways.