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Early Discovery

Early Discovery is a small educational program located in the beautiful Sun Valley area. We have been providing a stimulating and fun environment for children since 2000. We function as a daycare and a preschool. Our curriculum and approach extends all the way through 5 years old, preparing for kindergarten. We offer parents the possibility to make their own schedule based on their work and family needs. Parent-School relationship is important to us and home-school transition is crucial. During the year we encourage parents to schedule observation sessions, allowing your child to share with you, his or her progress and interaction with other children. Please feel free to email us your request and visit our website. We will be happy to meet you to discuss your childcare needs.

Ages: 2 to 5 years

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Early Discovery
San Rafael, CA 94901


Wonderful environment for children!!!

Both of my children (now in grade school) attended Early Discovery Preschool from the time they were infants, and I could not have asked for a more nurturing, loving, unique educational environment in their early years. Nouzha is absolutely wonderful working with children - I learned so much from her and I feel that I'm a better Mom because of our experiences there. I know that both of my girls were more than prepared for school after graduating from Early Discovery - Nouzha sparked their love for learning and it has continued to grow! I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Early Discovery Preschool. Kari Mom of 2 in San Rafael

Inspired and Nurturing Preschool

My son started Early Discovery at 12 weeks of age and we all - me, my husband and my son - had a superior experience. Nouzha Evans has created a wonderful environment for children to learn, develop and grow. Not just ABC's and 123's but the art of "please" and "thank you." Her teaching program is varied enough to allow each child to explore learning at his/her own pace. Plus plenty of play and art time to stimulate creativity! Nouzha's love of teaching is evident in everything at Early Discovery.

If you are looking for a superior preschool for your child I strongly encourage you to meet Nouzha and experience Early Discovery.

Mom of 1
(San Rafael/Corte Madera)

Highly Recommended Preschool

I have known Nouzha Evans for 6 years. My first daughter started with Nouzha when she was 6 months old and she is now 6 years old. My second daughter also started when she was 6 months old and she is now 4 years old. Both continue to see Nouzha on a regular basis.

I cannot begin to say what an amazing environment Early Discovery is for children. They learn respect for each other, the earth and our environment.

Nouzha's understanding of children, their emotional growth and individuality is priceless.

I would highly recommend Early Discovery and the program she has established.

Absolutely Wonderful

Early Discovery is an absolutely wonderful place for children. My son started there at five months and thanks to Nouzha his wonder, curiosity, and love for nature still thrive at age five. Nouzha's lessons about butterflies, the garden, and the environment still carry on and my son is always pointing out wonderful things he sees just like Nouzha does. My second son started at four months and he loves the music lessons! I feel very lucky to have met Nouzha. I highly recommend her amazing program.

So Happy Here

My daughter has been at Early Discovery for a year now, she just turned 3. I have seen tremendous growth. Nouzha teaches the kids to clean up and keep things organized. The other day my daughter completely cleaned her room without me asking, she is starting to understand that everything has it's place and she likes it that way. She is always picking up books and reading them, making up imaginative stories now. I am always impressed by how sweet all the kids are to each other. Nouzha has created an environment where the kids celebrate each other and are aware of each other. It's such a sweet, nurturing environment and I feel very safe having my daughter there. Early Discovery is a total gem.

Amazing Program!

I cannot begin to express how my daughter has blossomed since attending Early Discovery. With every week that passes, I am in awe of her curiosity, her development, and, most especially, the joy she has for learning. I give credit for so much of this to Nouzha and Kevin, who provide such a nurturing, kind, and loving environment for all their students at Early Discovery. Our daughter’s communication and language, her personality development, her social skills, and enthusiasm for books and music are beyond what we could have imagined at this young age. She is learning to be a self-confident, self-aware, and thoughtful little girl, who cares for those around her.

The Early Discovery curriculum is a blend of Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia philosophies and is carefully thought out for each individual child. It is designed such that each child goes at his/her own pace, and each activity has a very specific learning purpose. The kids learn not only the ABCs, colors, early math, etc., but they also learn about themselves, interacting with and learning from each other, nature, experiencing music, and so much more.

Nouzha’s love for teaching children is transparent, from her advanced degree and PhD studies in early childhood education to authoring children’s books to developing the Early Discovery program. Kevin’s music program for the kids is amazing as well, and as a musician with a masters degree in music, he teaches the kids so much. Our daughter’s response to music is astounding…her face lights up and she loves to dance around when she hears the guitar. She sings and loves to listen and play music.

When I leave our daughter at Early Discovery, I feel she is with her second family, that she is well-loved and cared for. This enables me to totally focus on my work when I am away from her, which is a huge gift. As a first time mom, they always take time for me, whether I am dropping off or picking up, to talk about parenting questions I have, or simply to talk about my daughter’s development – what she is working on, what she enjoys, her eating, sleeping, anything. I am always given plenty of time when I drop off in the morning so my daughter can get acclimated and adjusted to her surroundings.

We feel incredibly blessed to have found Early Discovery, and feel that we are giving our daughter the best possible start in developing a life-long love of learning. It has been such a gift in our daughter’s young life! I would highly recommend Early Discovery!

Inspiring Program

When I first met Nouzha while visiting Early Discovery, it striked me how passionate and knowledgeable Nouzha is about child development. My decision to place my son at Early Discovery was a "no brainer". My son was a little over 2 when he started. He transitioned from not wanting to leave me to being independent and so eager to learn. I observed him having fun learning about the alphabets, the number, the shapes, and getting a book by himself and reading. His curiosity exploded. Nouzha and Kevin go beyond basic academics and teaches the children about science, planets, music nature, and staying green. The children naturally participate in making a compost! They also learned the life cycle of butterflies! Kevin's music program is also amazing and my son talks about it all the time. They dance a lot, my son even has learned some "dance to salon" moves :)

But most importantly he learned life skills. Simple tasks like wearing his shoes, clothes and asking for help when needed, dancing and interacting with other kids and cleaning up by himself. The best part is potty training: before we started with Nouzha he was completetly refusing the idea. With Nouzha's skills and patience, he is almost there! He grew so much emotionally and academically in a short period of time.

Nouzha and Kevin also care about our family as a whole and listen to our needs and are understanding while we go through changes and bumps in our lifes. Olders brothers and sisters are not only welcomed but can also participate and teach young children. Nouzha has appropriate activities for older school age siblings that come in very handy when needed.

It is such a great feeling to know that my children are exposed to such a creative environment while we are at work.

Nouzha and Kevin's passion and professional background combined together is amazing. It is obvious that they love what they do. I highly recommend them!

we love the program!

My son has been attending Early Discovery for 10 months and has learned and developed so many skills in that time. He really enjoys every aspect of the school (especially the music portion of the curriculum). When Nouzha and Kevin greet him in the morning he is genuinely excited and ready to embark on whatever fun learning exercises they have planed for the day. Each activity is specifically designed for the appropriate learning stage of the student and the children are encourage to share, learn from, and mentor each other in an open forum. It truly is a very special learning environment. It is so wonderful to see all the amazing things he is learning everyday.
We are so happy that our son love's Nouzha and Kevin's program and we love it too!

Early Discovery is AWESOME!

Last year my wife and I were looking for an enriching and engaging environment for our then 1 1/2 year old son. We didn't want a place that would simply watch/care for our son. We wanted a place where he would be able to not only socialize with other children, but also a place that would encourage learning, challenge him, and help him develop. Early Discovery is the PERFECT place for this! Nouzha and Kevin are amazing people who truly care for every child in their program. The environment is clean, organized, and highly interactive for the children. Our son especially loves Kevin's music program! Nouzha and Kevin have been very patient with our son. He has some separation anxiety and cries when he knows my wife and/or I are not around. They have worked with him to overcome this and he is very comfortable spending days at Early Discovery. Nouzha often sends us photos and videos showing our son having fun completing activities of the day. They have also been extremely flexible with our schedule. I cannot recommend Early Discovery enough! My wife and I feel very fortunate to have found them :) If you are looking for a fantastic care/learning center for your child, please do yourself a favor and contact Nouzha and Kevin to get more info and check out Early Discovery in person!

Simply Amazing

My two daughters both attended Early Discovery years ago. Now they are 9 and 11, and still go back to spend time with Nouzha and Kevin. This is what compelled me to post a comment. The time that the girls spent there made an imprint that will last the rest of their lives. Early Discovery is not just a "daycare". It is not a place to drop your kids while you work. It is truly a unique and incredible place for children. So much so that my girls ask at least three times a year when they can go and spend some time with Nouzha. How many daycare/preschools have kids still coming back to visit when they are in middle school?

I can't recommend Early Discovery highly enough. Go for a visit and find out for yourself!


I have 2 girls (ages 5 and 2.5) that are currently at Early Discovery. My older daughter has been there for almost 3 years and our younger daughter started there 1.5 years ago. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the program, the teachers, and the comfort I have when I drop them off in the mornings and pick them up in the afternoon. They are so incredibly happy and well taken care of. On top of that, they are learning so much—my husband and I are constantly amazed at what the girls tell us about and always wonder where they learned it. When we ask, it’s always “we learned it at school”. When we were initially looking at preschool programs for our oldest daughter when we moved to Marin, we were hoping to find a good program (just as any parents do), but what surprised us is that we’ve actually found a second family for our girls.

Preschool Treasure!

I can not say enough great things about Nouzha's Montesorri based children's program! My children attended Early Discovery from the time they were around 5 months old until Kindergarten. My girls are now 11 and 13 years old, and we still maintain a beautiful relationship with Nouzha based on that strong foundation. Although she is licensed for more children, Nouzha keeps her school small, which allows the older kids who used the program to come and visit when they want/need to. My girls ask to visit Nouzha often, and they even invited her to "Special Person" day at their school recently, where kids bring someone special in their lives to show them their school and perform in a music concert for them. My children thrived in Nouzha's care, they were always SO happy there, and they built a strong educational and social foundation for lives.

The best preschool!

All three of my kids attended Early Discovery and benefitted greatly from it. With a focus on fun activities that stimulated independent thinking and creativity, my kids were well-prepared for their next step in learning. The intimate setting ensures real oversight. Activities are thought out well in advance and not simply reliant on plastic toys for sometimes brainless, self-entertainment. Something else that gets lost in the shuffle is the extent to which Nouzha and Kevin focus on preparing students for the social skills needed when "graduating" to a more traditional school setting. I highly recommend Early Discovery and encourage you to give your children the opportunity to grow in such a nurturing environment.

A Wonderful Environment

We could not have asked for a better experience for our daughter in Nouzha's program. Nouzha and Kevin are great and pay special attention to the details that make for a great educational and social experience, with learning and social activities as well as an appreciation for nature and music. I would highly recommend Early Discovery to other parents.

Caring place for learning and social connection

Our son attended from age 2.5- 3.5 and blossomed so much during his time at Early Discovery. Nouzha and Kevin genuinely care for and connect with the kids. Our son felt very loved and still talks about them a lot. The learning engaged all the senses, with lots of dancing and singing, delicious food, and a beautiful garden setting. Nouzha manages to teach them so much through play and creative expression. The intimate setting facilitated strong friendship bonds with the other kids. Really, our son made his first real friends there. Nouzha is also very flexible about rescheduling and having older siblings participate in meaningful ways on days when elementary school is closed, which was both very convenient for us and bonding for our two kids. Overall, we were very grateful to be part of the Early Discovery family!