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Gan Israel Preschool

Gan Israel is an independent Jewish community preschool specializing in respecting and valuing each individual child and their family.  Our student to teacher ratio and our group size is low in order to best serve each child and family.  In addition to school readiness skills we focus on teaching and modeling human values- kindness, caring and respect.   We focus on teaching children how to honor and respect the world they live in; nature and Tikun Olom, repairing the world, is an underlying theme in all we teach.  Gan Israel welcomes and honors children and families of all religions and levels of observance.

Ages: 18m-5yrs
Hours-: 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Gan Israel Preschool
1055 Las Ovejas Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94903


Gan Israel is gem!

Even though the school does not have the most flexible schedule-the small class size the nurturing staff and the beautiful and spacious yard make up for it. I feel really good about this school! Also even though it is a Jewish school there are kids who are not Jewish who go here to.

Great nurturing school

Gan Israel has been a great school for our family. The staff is excellent and because the class size is small, the children get wonderful attention and encouragement. We really liked the balance and range of activities. They offer music, arts and crafts, baking, a great outdoor space for play/ nature exploration, and an introduction to Jewish culture and holidays. Our daughter gained a lot of confidence from the nurturing environment of the school and was always excited for each new day there!

And the Best Preschool Award goes to...

Gan Israel - I can't say enough good things about my children's' experience at this school. They've since graduated, but what they learned there and the friendships they made had a lasting positive effect. They were better prepared for Kindergarten than most kids in their class, and even today, nearly all their close friends were from Gan Israel. Gittel and the teachers really care about each and every child, nurturing their talents, and teaching them social skills and values (about friendship, compassion for one another, etc.) that they will use for years to come. I wouldn't send my preschooler anywhere else!

Amazing Outdoor Program!

The outdoor program at Gan Israel has filled our son with such wonder.   When he gets to pick the family activity, it is almost always "Rock Mountain."  When he is outside, in nature, our son is so calm and regulated and his observations appear sharpened.  He is filled with questions and observations about plants and life and how things grow and comparing heights and habitats and seasons.  He tells anyone who will listen about his adventures and gives them directions so they can find the same trail.   I love many, many things about Gan, but creating a deep, earthy sense of belonging to this Earth, and an inquisitive mind for how things work and fit together, is certainly top of the list.