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Greenwood School--Closed

Greenwood School is a TK–8 independent school located in downtown Mill Valley. We're a community of families and teachers who share a passionate commitment to academic excellence and the education of the whole person—cultivating imagination, love of nature, and spirit of inquiry. Our graduates are self-directed, creative thinkers who have a strong sense of who they are and what path to forge.

Our kindergarten program offers a warm, home-like environment with highly experienced teachers that provide a safe, creative classroom setting that includes afternoons in our local woods. In grades 1–8, our integrated curriculum blends academics, the arts, music, and movement and students spend one day in nature per week as part of our outdoor education and science program. A block schedule allows one subject to be studied intensively for many weeks allowing students an in-depth understanding of the topic covered. Teachers stay with their classes for multiple years, so they truly see their students and understand how they learn. Our emotionally healthy classrooms allow students to express their perspectives and contribute to the class in their own meaningful way.

Our most important goal is to equip students with enduring life skills—to prepare students to live a meaningful life in their chosen vocation that allows them to thrive, not just financially but holistically.

Greenwood School
17 Buena Vista Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941


Incredible program!

My son had two years of kindergarten with Marcy, who is a legendary teacher in Marin, and it was such a great way to get his education off on the right foot. These teachers are amazing - experienced, wise, and knowing just how to create a fantastic environment that nourishes and meets the children in age-appropriate ways. And the children learn, grow and feel totally loved the whole time they're in the kindergarten/preschool. We are forever grateful to Marcy!

Fabulous Pre-School

To all parents:

My son is now a 1st grader at Greenwood School. He has had a beautiful eduction thus far. He is joyous, loves Mother Earth, and sings all the time. His friendships are true and rich and he really knows how to play, be kind and is mindful.

His experience in pre-school has lead him to where he is now. The pre-school is so nurturing and loving, a great transition from home into a social, learning environment.

I encourage you to visit the new Greenwood Pre-School, it will be a wonderful experience!

Such a lovely, nurturing program.

Both of my children (now in 2nd and 4th grade at Greenwood) were in Marcy's kindergarten and they still talk about it with dreamy eyes! Both Marcy and Peggy have years and years of experience working with young children and they are two of the most professional and caring individuals I think I've ever met. Just entering the kindergarten feels like you are walking into a magical, sweet world with the smell of bread baking and all the beautiful toys and happy children. Do take the time to check out the new preschool program at Greenwood. You will find it to be so wonderful!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

My son was in Peggy's Greenwood class and absolutely thrived. The program is respectful, nurturing and magical. In searching for the perfect pre-school /kindergarden for our son we saw many different environments. We soon realized that while many programs were well designed and would have been a good fit for our family, Greenwood had something very special because of the quality of the teachers and the community. Peggy and Marcy are warm, seasoned, and see each child and their unique personality and gifts. They teach the children about wonder, reverence and give them a beautiful rhythm to follow each day. The children also thrive being a part of the upper school and having the benefit of the older children and school traditions. There is nothing like it in Marin. Run, don't walk to sign up. Greenwood is a breath of fresh air in the fast-paced world of today.

such a great school!

My daughter was in Marcy's class for two years and it was the best place she could have been. Marcy and Jemma are great, two of the best teachers of young children I have met. The rhythm of the day is emphasized through classic earthy waldorf activities (soup making, bread baking, painting, nature play and study, etc.) in such a beautiful way. My son will be attending next year and I am excited for him to have this same experience as his big sister. Greenwood is really such a magical and amazing place. I would not dream of sending my little ones anywhere else...

Enriching and Nurturing Program

A wonderful school that treats each child with reverence and love, while guiding them towards becoming confident, social, and capable human beings. Each teacher carries a deep knowledge and understanding of the developing child and a passion for working with young children and their families. Care for the environment and for one another are an inherent part of this program, with it's natural materials, organic foods, and composting/gardening program. What a gift it has been to be part of the Greenwood's early childhood and grade school.

Truly amazing program!

If you want your child to have a warm and magical pre-school experience, you will not find a better place than Greenwood. Our eldest son was with Marcy and Jemma for kindergarten, and their wisdom, strength, patience, and love gave him a wonderful foundation for his grade school experience. They respect and honor the children in such a deep way, and know how to lovingly handle every situation and personality. We are forever grateful for the experience we have had with Greenwood and highly recommend this program.