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Little Mountain Preschool

Little Mountain Preschool is a play-based preschool serving children ages 3-5.

Contact us at

Little Mountain Preschool
100 Tarry Road
San Anselmo, CA 94960


The BEST preschool in the Bay Area!

We have had two kids go through LMPS and both have thrived immensely from the experience. From the amount of experience the teachers have, to the incredible natural outdoor space, Little Mountain Preschool has offered our kids the very best in Early Childhood Education and Experience! We live 30 minutes away and still proudly and happily make the trip everyday. We highly recommend their 5 day per week program. Please message me privately with any specific questions.

Little Mountain Preschool is

Little Mountain Preschool is a wonderful school with the most amazing teachers. They are the most loving, experienced and passionate teachers one could hope for in a preschool. The space is beautiful - very open with an incredible outdoor space filled with inspiring play structures like old boats, tee pees, a rock climbing ramp, and a slide built into the hill. The kids are engaged every minute of the day, and learn such valuable skills and behavior through play. There is an abundance of art, cooking, music, science, exploration, friendship, compassion, and imagination. It's a truly magical preschool! The community of parents and families is also very special - everyone is involved as much as they can be in making LMP a unique place.