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The Mountain School

50 El Camino Drive
Corte Madera, CA 94925
(415) 924-4661


  • 2.9 years to pre-K

Before/After hours available

*summer session available

The Mountain School
50 El Camino Drive
Corte Madera, CA 94925


lovely program, great teachers!

It is our third year at the Mountain School and we can not be happier. We love the program and the teachers. A really special place for kids. Highly recommended.

We fell in love with the

We fell in love with the Mountain School from our first tour - it is clearly a very special place that fosters in the "friends" a strong sense of self, a wonderful imagination, and a kindness toward others that will serve them well throughout their lives.

There is no place quite like

There is no place quite like The Mountain School. It is a safe, warm, and loving place for preschoolers to grow and thrive. Every detail is thought out to provide the children with a unique and incomparable experience that fosters their kindness, socialization and independence.

The Mountain School is a magical place

The Mountain school is a Waldorf inspired preschool that combines the perfect formula of play, creativity, song, daily rhythm and developmentally appropriate fun to create a unique and special environment that fosters respect for others, environment and self. The community of parents and children is wonderful and the friendships are lasting.

Expert Teachers

This is our fourth year at The Mountain School and I have always found the teachers to be deeply thoughtful, perceptive, and expert at their job. Every day, I feel lucky to be putting my children in their care. Though I appreciate the counsel of a well done parenting book, it doesn't compare to the insights and good advice I get from Mountain School teachers.

The Mountain School is the Best

My daughter loves going to the Mountain School. From the first time I took a tour I knew it would be the best pre-school for my daughter. The teachers are incredible! They are highly skilled and passionate about their work and it shows when you see how engaged the children are. I feel fortunate that my daughter has the opportunity to go to such a unique & special school.

Great program with kind, dedicated, and knowledgable teachers.

We love The Mountain School. Every little detail is so well thought through and carried through. It is such a wonderfully nurturing environment for my son. I can't say enough great things about it. In fact, we are slowly adopting a lot of little Mountain School routines into our daily lives, like soup day, baking day and candle light at every meal. The teachers are exceptional, and bring a level of care and attention to the children, that I just have not seen anywhere else. I highly recommend it!!!!

The Perfect Place!

The Mountain school is such a wonderful place that we can't say enough about it! It provides a safe, nurturing and supportive environment that we have just not found anywhere else. Not only are the teachers loving and kind but they are well educated in child-care and are very much invested in the care and well-being of each child. My daughter attended the school for three years and it was amazing to watch as she blossomed from a shy, quiet almost three-year old into a happy, confident, and very capable little girl now in kindergarten. We are especially grateful to the school for the level of attention and care our daughter received - she suffers from severe nut allergies and the staff was extremely vigilant in providing a safe environment for her so that we really never had to worry. My son started there this year and he is enjoying it as much, if not more, than our daughter. He spends his days playing, singing and laughing, and cannot wait to share his adventures with us as soon as he gets home. The Mountain School is ideal!

Truly the most wonderful place for children!

I had three children, (seven YEARS consecutively) attend the The Mountain School. It was a wonderful and magical experience for us all. This said... it also was an incredible place that taught them to be thoughtful and considerate students, friends and citizens.

My biggest wish for those who are considering this very special place, is to know how it will be received on the other side. Every school my children went to look at, when it was time for them to move on, said the same thing. "Our favorite children come from The Mountain School". This is a direct quote from a highly regarded private school director. I heard it time and time again.

The reason they stand out in the masses in every type of elementary school setting, is they leave with the ability and understanding of how to behave as a "student". They know when to be silly and when to focus. How to focus. How to be considerate. How to wait your turn and not blurt. (A true problem for many youngsters) From the "other side" this is something I have witnessed as a huge problem with a majority of students.

You could not pick a better pre-academic experience for your child!

Wholesome haven in high octane Marin

We love Marin. It is beautiful. However it can be fast paced to live and work and bring up a family here. The Mountain School has been a haven for our family- it reminds us all to slow down and never forget what our children are capable of. It has also served as a reminder that being "prepared for kindergarten," whether public or private is about opening up a child's mind by allowing creativity and imagination to thrive. All the schools these days are touting creativity and innovation as the ultimate in being prepared for the 21st century. The Mountain School does that through encouraging fantasy play, providing open ended, high quality toys, story telling, movement, awareness of the seasons and environment and kindness. To boot, they teach kids manners, how to listen, behave in a classroom and be self-sufficient. The teachers could be parenting coaches they are so right on with their advice and reminders. No they are not going to teach your child to read or do long division, but the entire idea at this school is that they will be ready for that when the time is developmentally appropriate for them. Which is not at 3 by the way!

If you are worried about it being "too Waldorf" by the way- you can get out of it what you want. They are there for those families who want Waldorf all the way and also accessible to those of us who have a more eclectic view on early childhood education.

Truly Outstanding Preschool

I love this school. If you are considering a tour, go! When you see the classroom, you will understand immediately that it is a special place. I wish I had gone to a preschool like this. I now have two children there, one in each classroom, and I absolutely love the teachers, administration, and all of the families there. The children learn so much about kindness and manners while at the same time being allowed to exercise their imaginations and develop their young minds. I have truly been impressed by how the Mountain School simultaneously teaches the children to be calm, quiet, and sensitive to others while at the same time expressive and full of the energy only a child can have. It is amazing, and something I strive to duplicate at home!



An Amazing Preschool!

I love The Mountain School, and more importantly, so does my son. My family moved to Marin from the Midwest, and the process of finding a preschool for my son quickly became overwhelming. There are so many schools out there, and so many different styles of teaching. I wasn't sure I'd ever really "know" which school would best fit my son. That all changed when I toured The Mountain School. I instantly felt at home in the classrooms, and knew that this was the right fit for our family. The teachers are truly amazing. It is very evident that they care for each and every child who walks through their doors. I've never seen an exasperated eyeroll at a child's misbehavior, and I've never heard a raised voice to reprimand. They teach through example, and it's really amazing how the children respond to this.

My son has been attending The Mountain School for two years, and routinely asks why he cannot attend on the weekends. He began the process as a very shy child, who would watch the other children, and stand back, rather than join in. This was more than fine, and the teachers made sure to include him when he wanted, and to always let him know he was welcome. Soon, he gained more confidence, and now jumps at the chance to participate in all of the activities.

The Mountain School has provided a safe, nurturing environment for my son to explore, dance, sing, and play. I look forward to sending my second son there in the fall.