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San Anselmo Cooperative Nursery School

Ages: 2 .9 years thru Pre-K Aftercare is available Monday-Thursday from 12:00-4:00 p.m.
24 Myrtle Lane
San Anselmo, CA 94960


The Most Beautiful Pre-School

I had the most amazing experience as a parent working and being part of this beautiful School. I trusted 100% that my child was in great hands and that his time there was spent not only learning but enjoying his experience. I highly recommend this sweet school as well as recommend the Cooperative environment.

Our collaborative community

Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful comment. We are so very grateful to have such an incredible group of families connected to our Cooperative community. Wishing you the very best life has to offer. Big hugs to you, today and always!

From 1947 to 2012...taught 10,000 people how to parent!

This warm, parent-participating environment is not ONLY good for the children: newbie parents learn skills by working with "older" children and other parents. The families connected with the CoOp seem to work harder, love more, and develop ties lasting far beyond nursery school graduation. Our "preschool son" is now almost 29 years old, and his Dad and I still socialize with fellow CoOp parents. Did the CoOp experience make him the sociable, motivated, successful businessman he is today? Well, not exactly, but it was a very good start! He learned how to share, compromise, sing and laugh without self-consciousness; he learned not to throw, hit, or bite! I suppose all good nursery schools do this training to a great degree, but the CoOp had a really BIG difference: requiring one parent helper for every six kids, requiring parents to attend monthly night meetings, requiring a parent presence for four hours weekly, and requiring parents to help once yearly on "SCHOOL MAINTENANCE" projects gave us all a total feeling of ownership! We own the school; we own the program; we own the responsibility. This has not changed...and with luck...never will...since 1947. Long live the CoOP! May you be blessed enough to get you child past the waiting list and admitted.

San Anselmo Co-op Nursery School

As my son approaches his final year of high school he still hangs out with his buddies from the Co-op. The warm welcoming environment and creative community of people we met has had an immeasurable impact on all of us. We met lifelong friends, and got to participate and work along side other families in a way that taught us so much. It is just a miracle watching kids you got to know as toddlers grow up and become adults before your very eyes. I highly recommend the Co-op nursery school for the creative learning environment it provides, the wonderful teachers, most of whom have stayed for years, and the way new parents are able to find support and community during some of the most wonderful and stressful years of life.

This precious gift- San Anselmo Co-Op Nursery School

San Anselmo Cooperative Nursery School - the magical community where preschoolers and their parents learn alongside one another while making discoveries and lifelong friends. This place is an absolute treasure.