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San Anselmo Montessori School

A Montessori preschool serving children ages 2.10 to 6 years old.

San Anselmo Montessori School
100 Shaw Drive
San Anselmo, CA 94960


Stellar preschool in San Anselmo

San Anselmo Montessori School is an absolute gem among preschools. My husband and I have sent all three of our children there and we can say without a doubt that it was the best decision we ever made. It is an environment that fosters confidence in children. Children are allowed to be themselves and to participate where they are comfortable participating. There is ample space for them to explore and discover things on their terms and it makes for a sweet and gentle learning environment. The outdoor play area is large enough for active kids to stretch their legs but small enough for them to feel safe. The teachers are top notch and are trained to understand not only the cognitive growth of a child but also the social and emotional growth and how to nurture that. There is a beautiful little garden and greenhouse space for exploring the dirt and plants. The children get such pleasure from harvesting and tasting all of the fruits and vegetables. One of our favorite programs is the author visit program. The authors come to the school to read and speak to the children and then the the kids get to go home with a personalized, signed copy of the book. There are many fabulous guests that come to introduce kids to art, music, science or theatre. Our children left the school knowing who they were and thrived in primary school and beyond. Highly recommended!

An Extra-Ordinary School!!

"They (the teachers) let you do things for yourself and that's what learning is, not when someone does it for you." That's a quote from my daughter, Olivia, when I recently asked her what she liked most about her school. Olivia currently attends Kindergarten at San Anselmo Montessori School, after completing two years of their preschool program. If you're looking for a preschool thru Kindergarten where your child truly develops the "love of learning" that we all aspire to for our children, then you've found it in SAMS! In a word, EXTRA-ORDINARY!!

Our whole family loved our

Our whole family loved our experience at San Anselmo Montessori School. Both my son and daughter were extremely happy there. SAMS has a warm, happy and calm environment. All types of children find endless interesting tasks, projects and games to keep them busy and not wanting to go home. The parent community is wonderful and, as a family, we made many lasting friendships. I can't recommend SAMS strongly enough.

No Comparison!

I am a San Anselmo mother of three children. Currently my second child (my oldest attended SAMS for two years) attends SAMS. I have always been happy with SAMS and always appreciated the warm and loving environment for my children. This year, as my third was approaching preschool age, I decided to take a look again at other preschools in our area. Through this process of touring other schools, I was pleased to find that there really is no comparison to SAMS. I did not find a school with the quality of teachers found at SAMS, so engaged, genuinely interested and loving. In addition, there was no comparison to the learning environment found at is unique, purposeful, and meaningful. My children have always loved going to SAMS and I am so looking forward to having my third child have this same experience.

Such a Special Experience

San Anselmo Montessori (SAMs) has been transformative for my daughter. We fell in love the day we toured, so much so that I refused to tour any other school (usually I'm much more pragmatic but I was in love and refused to think of my Stella anywhere else). Luckily she got in and it has been a truly magical experience from Day 1. I was 8 months pregnant when she started and we had just moved into a new house. Stella had a nanny so she had never been 'dropped off' anywhere so you can imagine there was quite a tear-filled acclimation period for both of us. I will never forget how the magical teachers dealt with her tears and mine-- they got her distracted and would call me as soon as she stopped crying (usually after 5 min) to reassure me she was okay. The teachers and the principal are so accessible to the parents that you're never wondering 'is my child is playing well with others?' or 'is it age-appropriate for my child to boss around her friends?' etc. Even though this is a Montessori, it's not the strict regimented Montessoris I've heard about. Even though it's not technically play-based the "work" (projects, lessons) the kids do is like play for them. This means they start having a love of learning from an early age.  SAMs brings in a highly curated group of authors, musicians, animal specialists, etc. for classroom enrichment and the community of families is warm and wonderful. On a final note, the Kindergarten program is SOOOO valuable and I know Stella will remember her time with teacher Denise for the rest of her life.

San Anselmo Montessori

Our family has been connected to San Anselmo Montessori School for over a decade.  We have sent both of our boys to this preschool and each received a wonderful, engaging, lovingly prepared and well thought-out education.  I have loved all the teachers at SAMS.  Each brought their own perspective and ability to connect with the children.  Without fail, they brought a unique love light to their work and to each of the children, creating opportunities for them to create and expand their horizons each and every day.  SAMS is well run, clean and progressive.  Children are welcomed with open arms and leave each school day contented and cared for.  The playground is exceptional and their backyard greenhouse classroom offers a separate peaceful world for children to enter and explore.  The culture is kind, values hands-on work, and is without a doubt, child-centered.   I recommend SAMS whole-heartedly.

Amazing School with Amazing Teachers!

San Anselmo Montessori School (SAMS) is a truly exceptional preschool. Both of our daughters attended for two years of preschool and one year of Montessori kindergarten. (I wanted them to stay as long as possible and begged the director to offer elementary education as well!) The Montessori curriculum is taught very well here, with a beautiful indoor and outdoor classroom environment, inviting materials and gentle and loving teachers. I loved the emphasis on grace and courtesy, independence and self-sufficiency, and curiosity and fun. They truly strive to create a love of learning and foster children’s natural curiosity in different directions. Both of our daughters thrived here, despite having different personalities and strengths. And, both attended SAMS kindergarten and went on to public elementary schools (one in 1st grade, one in K, because of birth dates) with easy transitions. But, perhaps the most special part about SAMS is the teachers. SAMS has long-tenured teachers who truly love what they do, and it shows. All of the teachers are patient, nurturing and encouraging, and they know how to encourage growth and learning in our children. SAMS is truly a special place for our little ones. Simply the best!