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San Geronimo Childcare Center

San Geronimo Preschool
6001 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard
San Geronimo, CA 94963


San Geronimo Preschool has been the best place for our daughter!

We moved to Fairfax last December and San Geronimo Preschool/ Daycare Center was our first and only stop. My mom was a Montessori teacher and I instantly was taken back to my memories in her classroom. The loads of natural light, teaching philosopy, and welcoming staff really impressed us. Our daughter has thrived here. Within her first week as a new student at just 2 years and 2 months her vocabulary had increased and she was counting to 20 much higher than our 1,2,3,4,5. The after school care rate is incredibly reasonable and everyone is very understanding if I'm a few minutes late while commuting back from the city to get her. Their communication is wonderful, I feel like I'm not missing a beat when it comes to my daughter's time with them. The low staff to student ratio is awesome too because I know my daughter gets a lot of one-on-one time. I feel like Miss Sharon, Miss Margaret, Miss Ang and Miss Jackie are really invested in caring for and teaching my daughter in these super important years. I wouldn't trade this school experience for anything.

A Wonderful Pre-School

I just can't say enough nice things about San Geronimo Child Care center. The staff is incredibly kind, thoughtful and highly experienced. They have been caring for and teaching my 2 year old daughter for the last several months and I have seen her start to talk more, become more social and overall excel in her development. This child care center is one of those wonderful gems we have in Marin County. If you have a toddler or young child that you are looking to begin preschool or have child care while you work - this is definitely a place to tour. I know every time I drop my daughter off here, she is in excellent hands - and she is always happy to see the warm staff. She hasn't cried once when dropping her off! A+++ Highly Recommend.

A Beautiful Place for Children!

What a wonderful, happy place for young children and their families! We looked at several daycares and preschools in Marin, and there is nothing quite like the San Geronimo Childcare Center. When we first visited, we felt comfortable and safe knowing that our daughter would be spending her days in the beautiful, bright, classroom and play yard – something that is quite important for full time, working parents. Miss Sharon and Miss Margaret have a wealth of knowledge and experience with young children, and have cultivated a program that truly balances learning and play in a beautiful environment. Our young daughter has the stimulation and educational component of a preschool with the personal attention of an intimate daycare. The entire staff is friendly, communicable, and they genuinely care about the children in their care. In addition, their hours and full time rates really support working families. We love seeing our daughter blossom here, and feel lucky to be a part of their community!

Bright and friendly place for our two daughters

When it was time to choose a preschool for our oldest daughter several years ago, San Geronimo Preschool stood out from all the other preschools we visited. It had a cozy, bright and clean environment, with quality furniture that is scaled to the children's size, and inventive, high quality wooden play structures in the classrooms. The grounds it is on are easily accessible from Sir Francis Drake with ample parking, and are historic and visually appealling with beautiful gardening and green space.  The staff is friendly, and the small teacher-to-student ratio means they really get to know your child. There is hardly a border between the outside world and the classroom, as light floods in the large windows, the natural world is a common theme of discussion and art projects, and many daily activities are conducted in the large outdoor play area. Occasionally the children are treated to outings to an adjoining meadow or to pick blackberries from nearby bushes. Our oldest daughter especially loved the art projects; Miss Sharon's artistic and creative ideas brought out the artist in her. The artwork displayed around the classroom is a visual delight. Our younger daughter enjoys Miss Margaret's songs with accompanying movements, and the chance to develop her first real friendships. After more than four years with the school, we haven't questioned our original choice! 

A Wonderful Preschool for Lucky Kids!

My son has been attending preschool at San Geronimo Childcare Center for over a year now and the best review I can offer is from him. In the mornings, he is excited to attend school and often asks me: "Is today a preschool day mommy?" When I tell him yes, his response is always an enthusiastic: "Yay! I love going to preschool." At the end of the day, when I ask him about his day at preschool, he describes with excitement all of the fun activities he did, singing songs he learned his teachers, telling me about stories they read or art projects they did. I can't tell you what a relief it is knowing that my son is happy and in good hands while I'm at work. I would recommend any parent considering this preschool to come visit the space, which is so incredibly comfortable and warm and condusive to play. In addition to the impressive indoor area, which is bright and cozy, there's also a huge yard where the kids have access to all sorts of opportunities for imaginative play. But the teachers are what really make this preschool special. Miss Sharon, Miss Margaret and Miss Ange guide the children with kind and thoughtful patience. You can tell they truly love working with children and care about each individual child. It's truly a special place.