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St. Francis Preschool

St. Francis Preschool has been providing a nurturing stable environment of fun, friendship and security for children, ages 2–5 for over 50 years. Although the preschool is part of the St. Francis Episcopal Church community in downtown Novato, it is non-sectarian and religious teaching is not included. A semi-structured play-based program offers children the opportunity to become curious learners who are socially competent, co-operative, motivated, capable, self-reliant and considerate. Kindergarten readiness skills are interwoven throughout the program.

Parents choose 2 (TTH), 3 (MWF) or 5 (M-F) days per week for preschoolers. An extended lunch program and enrichment classes are available in the afternoons. The Time for Twos (1yr. 9mos – 2 years) is offered Monday through Thursday mornings.  Parents may choose 1 day a week or 2days a week (M/W or Tu/Th); Two’s children are accompanied by an adult for 1½ hours. A summer session is available for preschoolers during the month of July.

* they offer after school programs


St. Francis Episcopal Church
967 5th Street
Novato, CA 94945


Wonderful preschool!

My son goes to this preschool and he loves it. When I was looking preschools in Novato, I was always told that it was really difficult to get into St. Francis. There is a lottery type system to get into the school, but everyone that I knew that applied got in. It is a very popular, because the price is right and the teachers and program are excellent. I never once felt worried about leaving my son at the school. I highly recommend St. Francis Preschool.

Great School

I second the review above. This was a great preschool experience for my son, and my daughter will start there in the fall.

Fantastic atmosphere and staff!

I started at St. Francis with my oldest in their parent-child Time for 2's program. We had just moved to town with our 2 year old and newborn and it was the first place I was able to find friends in the same stage of life as us. Now I have 2 children at the school who are flourishing. We opted to keep our TK-eligible son at St. Francis for his TK year and it has proven to be a fantastic decision. His teacher is incredible and the class size is half that of the elementary schools. He is gaining confidence every day and I know the transition to Kindergarten will be so successful. 

Couldn't love this school more!

This will be my fourth year at St. Francis Preschool.  My daughter went through the whole program and now my son is starting in the younger class.  When I was touring preschools, St. Francis was the first one I looked at and I didn't need to look any further.  The staff is so welcoming and very knowledgable on up to date teaching strategies.  I was a treacher myself for 13 years and I was so impressed by everything they were doing in the classroom.  The teachers are so responisble and respectful to myself and my child and  they teach them these qualities too.  Both my children have grown so much and I owe a lot of their personal skills to St. Francis.  They really prepare the child for Kindergarten so that it's a seamless trasistion too.

Amazing preschool

After touring multiple preschools, St. Francis preschool stood out most to us and we couldn’t be happier we chose this school for our boys to attend.  Time for twos is a wonderful program for setting your child up for a successful preschool experience. They get to experience their first year with a parent by their side while they get used to the classroom, playground & faculty. It was an amazing transition for both my sons to then attend preschool there with confidence in their environment. My oldest son is now in Kindergarten and was fully prepared. Our middle son is in his 3rd year at St. Francis and we can’t wait to start our youngest son in time for twos in the fall. I can’t say enough about this wonderful preschool and their well educated, warm & personable faculty!